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Liquor Better than Milk for Good Health: Liquor is Spirits

alcohol improves health

Is liquor better than milk for good health? Yes. Government agency shows that it’s true. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) facts prove it. Liquor is better than milk for health. Milk (one cup regular milk) Wine (glass) Beer (can or bottle) Distilled spirits (1.5 oz shot or jigger) Calories 148 125 145 97 Sodium …

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False DUI for Medical Conditions, Fasting, or Dieting

arrests for intoxication rose

Arrests for DWI or DUI should be for those who are driving while impaired. False arrests for DWI or DUI for medical conditions are not acceptable. They can also be fatal. Sober diabetic drivers, those with liver disease, are fasting, or are eating a low carb diet shouldn’t be arrested. Any of these these conditions …

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Foods Contain Alcohol (Discover Which Ones Do!)

A number of foods contain alcohol. But the amount is usually quite low. You also might like to visit Alcohol in Cough Medicine and Other Over-the-Counter Medications.                OVERVIEW Our Body Makes Alcohol Effect of Cooking on Alcohol Reasons for Not Drinking These Foods Contain Alcohol Resources Many Foods Contain Alcohol …

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Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Great Drinks: Delicious

Non-alcoholic drink recipes can make delicious beverages for the whole family. They’re a great option for those who choose not to drink alcohol. Designated Drivers will also appreciate a host’s thoughtfulness in having attractive beverage choices. Many states permit parents to serve alcohol to their children of any age. There is much evidence that parental …

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What Happens to Alcohol in the Body: Important Facts

alcohol and liver

Alcohol in the body is absorbed primarily in the small intestine after drinking. But our mouth, throat and stomach also absorb small amounts. Alcohol doesn’t need to be digested to be absorbed.                Overview I.   Absorption of Alcohol in the Body. II.  How Alcohol in the Body is …

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Alcopops and Weight: Not Fattening

“Beware the side effects of alcopops.” That’s the warning from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). It equates drinking so-called alcopops and weight gain. (Alcopops are really flavored malt beverages.) The group says that, in terms of calories, “putting away three on Friday night gives you the equivalent of a McDonald’s Quarter …

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Drinking and Stomach Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know

Many people are concerned about alcohol drinking and stomach cancer. Does drinking alcohol cause stomach cancer? And will drinking increase the risk of getting the disease?          Overview I.   Alcohol Not a Risk II.  Risk Factors III. Symptoms of Stomach Cancer IV.  Alcohol and Health V.   Resources I. Alcohol Not …

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Liquor vs Non-Alcoholic Beverages for Health

alcohol and cataracts

Who’s the winner in the liquor vs non-alcoholic beverages health contest? Decide for yourself. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has calculated the nutritional content of beverages. Liquor (distilled spirits) includes tequila, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, etc. Virtually all are 80 proof or 40% alcohol. They contain no carbs, fats, cholesterol, sugars, or sodium. …

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