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Many Foods Contain Alcohol (Discover Which Ones Do!)

A surprising number of foods contain alcohol. However, the amount is usually quite low. You also might like to visit Alcohol in Cough Medicine and Other Over-the-Counter Medications. Fermented foods such as yogurt and baked goods (bread, rolls, etc.) contain alcohol. But so do fruits and fruit juices. And alcohol levels are higher as the fruit ripens …

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Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Great Drinks: Delicious and Fun

Non-alcoholic drink recipes can make delicious beverages for the whole family. They’re also a great option for those who choose not to drink alcohol. Designated Drivers will also appreciate a host’s thoughtfulness in providing attractive beverage choices. (Incidentally, many states permit parents to serve alcohol to their children of any age. There is much evidence …

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What Happens to Alcohol in the Body: Important Facts to Know

alcohol and liver

I. Absorption of Alcohol in the Body. Alcohol in the body is absorbed primarily in the small intestine after drinking. However, our mouth, throat and stomach also absorb small amounts. Alcohol doesn’t need to be digested to be absorbed. We think of the stomach as digesting food completely. It’s true that it largely physically and …

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