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Alcohol-Related and Alcohol-Caused (They’re Not the Same)

alcohol-related and alcohol-caused

People generally confuse alcohol-related and alcohol-caused. In short, all alcohol-caused crashes are alcohol-related. On the other hand, many alcohol-related crashes are not alcohol-caused. Most vehicle crashes do not involve alcohol. Thus, they happen without alcohol. Of crashes that are alcohol-related, many would have occurred without alcohol, And, of course, some accidents would not have occurred …

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Politicians Arrested for Drunk Driving (Federal & State)

There are many politicians arrested for drunk driving. The charge is usually driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). However, some states use different charges. For example, OUI (operating under the influence) or OWI (operating while intoxicated). And even DWAI (driving while ability impaired). The charges usually relate to alcohol. Yet it …

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Abstaining Designated Drivers Arrested if Under 21

Designated Drivers arrested? Really? You’re a young 20-year-old adult who’s attending a gathering serving as Designated Driver. Designated Drivers agree not to drink alcohol and to drive others home. You’re doing this for your friends who are drinking. Your friends are all 21 or older. (There are some attendees under 21.) Society should commend you …

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