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Drunk Driving is Unacceptable Socially and Legally Today as Never Before

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Drunken driving was common and accepted behavior until the early 1980s. Then Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) raised our consciousness. As did Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD),* Remove Intoxicated Drivers (RID) and other groups. Fortunately, drunk driving is unacceptable today. Decades Ago Decades ago, Dean Martin and many others took pride how much they drank. …

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Alcohol as a Cause of Traffic Crashes (This is a Very Important Question)

Alcohol-related traffic crashes are not necessarily caused by alcohol. Many are, but no one knows the exact proportion. So what’s the role of alcohol as a cause of traffic crashes? First, there’s very strong evidence of two important things. Alcohol adversely affects driving-related skills. That’s such things as vision, reaction time, judgment, and the ability …

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What is Impairment? Drivers Need to Know for Safe Driving

It’s never safe to drive a vehicle or operate machinery when ability is impaired. But what is impairment? Whatever it is, people are opposed to it. Surveys find that the majority of people in the U. S. consider impaired driving to be one of the nation’s most important issues. They consider it more important than …

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Alcohol-Related and Alcohol-Caused (They’re Not the Same)

People generally confuse alcohol-related and alcohol-caused. In short, all alcohol-caused crashes are alcohol-related. On the other hand, many alcohol-related crashes are not alcohol-caused. Most vehicle crashes do not involve alcohol. Thus, they happen without alcohol. Of crashes that are alcohol-related, many would have occurred without alcohol, And, of course, some accidents would not have occurred …

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