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Sin Taxes on Alcohol Beverages: What You Need to Know

sin taxes on alcohol

Taxes on alcohol beverages are often called “sin taxes.” Perhaps that’s a justification for raising them. The news is full of debates about increasing so-called . But what’s sinful about alcoholic beverages? Absolutely nothing. Saint Thomas Aquinas said that no substance is sinful, “but only the misuse of it that makes it so.” Healthful Drinking …

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Alcohol Monopolies are Anti-Consumer (High Prices, Poor Choice & Service)

Competition among producers of goods and services benefits consumers. It increases consumer choice, reduces prices, and improves customer service. Therefore, alcohol monopolies are anti-consumer. Monopolies Harm Consumers It was abolishing the old telephone monopoly that made possible the dramatic expansion of communication products that we take for granted today. And it was deregulation of the …

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How Much Does Alcohol Cost Society? You Might be Surprised!

alcohol facts are dangerous

The question “How much does alcohol cost society?” is fairly easy to answer. However, it’s essential to distinguish between drinking in moderation and abusing alcohol. Failure to do so leads to radically different estimates. That’s because drinking in moderation is associated with better health, longer longevity, higher income and other positive benefits. However, alcohol abuse …

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Three-Tier System of Alcohol in U.S. Causes Competing Interests of Producers, Distributors & Retailers

The US repealed National Prohibition in 1933. Federal law then established the three-tier system. This mandates complete separation of alcohol production, wholesaling, and retailing. The three tier system means that producers cannot either wholesale or retail alcohol. Similarly, wholesalers cannot be producers or retailers. And retailers cannot wholesale or produce alcohol. This separation means that the economic …

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