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Alcohol Education Scare Tactics Are Not Effective

Alcohol Education Scare

I. Scare Tactics The use of alcohol education scare tactics has been traditional in alcohol education. But the alcohol education scare approach isn’t effective. Yet this fact has’t discouraged its use. But research beginning in the 1930s has found that scare tactics tend to be ineffective.  And can be counterproductive. In short, people tend to …

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Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of Liquor Problem

scientific temperance instruction

The Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of the Liquor Problem was formed to study Scientific Temperance Instruction As the end of the 1800s approached, Scientific Temperance Instruction (STI) was widely required by law. Every state and DC requiered it. That is, each had laws mandating that every student receive anti-alcohol education. Not Scientific But …

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Alcohol Abuse Can Be Reduced (Here’s How)

alcohol abuse can be reduced

This page will show that alcohol abuse can be reduced.                                      OVERVIEW I.   Keys to Success or Failure II.  Alcohol Abuse Can Be Prevented III. Conclusion IV.  Resources The substance of beverage alcohol (ethanol) is the same …

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“A Matter of Degree” to Prevent Alcohol Abuse is Ineffective

temperance magazines or journals

The “A Matter of Degree” program to prevent alcohol abuse is ineffective. It was to reduce drinking and alcohol-related problems on college campuses. The Program Ten colleges across the U.S. received almost nine million dollars. That was to reduce the presence of alcohol in their campus environments. One of the strongest supporters of the program, Henry …

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Will My Child Become Alcoholic? Ways to Reduce the Risk

You might might be concerned about an important question. “Will my child become alcoholic?” Parents can never know for certain. Yet there are ways to reduce the risk. There are clearly things to do and things not to do.         Overview I.   Things to Do II.  Things to Avoid III. Resources …

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Temperance Approach to Alcohol: Counterproductive

The temperance approach to alcohol has a long tradition. People who pushed for Prohibition (1920-1933) lived in a different era. There was little scientific knowledge about drinking alcohol. They had some strange ideas. Strange Beliefs Consider these statements. Alcohol is the dirtiest drug we have. It permeates and damages all tissue. No other drug can …

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