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Songs about Moonshine, Moonshiners & Moonshining: Lyrics Reflect Conflicting Attitudes

Songs about moonshine, moonshiners and moonshining express widely differing views. They both influence and reflect our conflicted attitudes and beliefs about the subject. We can see this  in song lyrics. These songs about moonshine are in three categories. They are (1) Making Moonshine, (2) Running Moonshine, and (3) Drinking Moonshine. 1. Making Moonshine ‘Copper Kettle‘ …

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Facts about Alcoholic Drinks: 24 to Surprise You!

Alcoholic Drinks How much do you know about alcoholic drinks? How much do your friends know about them? Challenge your friends with these surprising facts about alcoholic drinks. 1. There’s no worm in tequila. The ‘worm’ is in mezcal. And it’s not a worm but a  butterfly caterpillar(1) 2. White wine can be made from …

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Alcohol and the Body Trivia: 12 Surprising Fun Facts!

Alcohol and the body trivia is fun! Discover surprising facts about alcohol and the body. Share what you learn with friends. Please remember that none of this information is advice. That should come from your doctor. Alcohol and the Body Trivia The human body creates alcohol constantly. It can’t live without making it. The process …

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