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Alcohol Word Trivia: Fun with Alcohol Words and Letters

Alcohol word trivia is fun!  Discover trivial alcohol words and share them with your friends. Alcohol Word Trivia “Cwrw” is the Welch word for beer. It’s pronounced “koo-roo.”1 Mai Tai means “out of this world” in the Tahitian language.2 What’s the difference between  whiskey and whisky? (Other than the fact that one includes the letter […]

Bar Trivia: Pubs, Taverns, Liquor Stores

Bar trivia is fun! Discover fascinating trivia about bars, taverns, bartenders, liquor stores and others purveyors of alcoholic beverages. Then share your discoveries of bar trivia with them! Bar Trivia Want to visit the longest bar in the world? It’s in the New Bulldog bar in Rock Island, Illinois. Bring all your friends. There’s plenty […]

Liquor Trivia: Fun Trivia about Distilled Spirits (Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Bourbon, Rye, Etc.)

Liquor trivia is fun! Liquor trivia is about distilled spirits. That’s whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, rye, bourbon Scotch, and other spirit liquors. Discover liquor trivia about your favorite drinks. Then share the fun with your friends. Liquor Trivia Bourbon is the official distilled spirit of the United States.1 A martini becomes a Gibson simply […]

Beer trivia! Discover Fun Beer Trivia to Share with Friends.

Beer trivia is fun! You probably know which beer you like best. Perhaps you know how much it costs. You may know where to buy it. But how much do you really know about beer? Find out. Then you can amaze your friends with beer trivia that you’ve discovered.  Beer Trivia All vitamins and minerals […]

Wine Trivia: How Much Do You Know about Wine?

Wine trivia is fun! Enjoy these bits of trivia, some of which may surprise you. Then share your discoveries with your friends. Wine Trivia Vintners make most white wine from red grapes.1 As it ages white wine gets darker. But red wine gets lighter as it ages.2 Poor soil tends to produce better wines than […]

12 Surprising Facts about Alcohol, Drinking and Health

Here are 12 surprising facts about alcohol, drinking and health. There are a lot of myths about alcohol in general. And there are many about drinking and health in particular. 12 Surprising Facts about Alcohol 1. Drinking alcohol in moderation is linked to better health  and longer life1  than either abstaining from alcohol or abusing […]

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