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Alcohol and Heart Health Resources and Helpful Links

Interested in the topic of drinking alcohol and heart health? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can read facts on the subject. You can also find other resources. Beer, wine and distilled spirits (liquor) appear to have the same health and long life benefits. The benefits come basically from the alcohol itself. And standard …

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Exercise vs. Alcohol for Heart Health (Which is Better?)

alcohol improves health

Exercising is good for heart health. So is drinking alcohol (beer, wine and liquor or spirits) in moderation. Which wins in an exercise vs. alcohol for heart health contest? Or can we substitute one for the other? To see if exercise and moderate alcohol consumption are interchangeable, Researchers at the National Institute of Public Health …

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Non-drinkers Begin to Drink: Heart Disease Risk Drops

What happens when alcohol non-drinkers begin to drink? Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina wanted to learn. They did a large study to find out. They looked at middle-aged non-drinkers who began drinking in moderation. The researchers found a much lower risk of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD). That’s compared to those who continued …

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Alcohol and Hospitalization: Drinking Predicts It

alcohol and traumatic injury

Alcohol and hospitalization may be linked. It’s reasonable to think that heavy drinkers are more likely to need a hospital. But what about light and moderate drinkers? We know that moderate drinking is linked to better health and longer life. That’s compared to either non-drinkers and heavy drinkers. I. Study of Alcohol and Hospitalization To …

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Drinking and Coronary Artery Disease Risk: Effects of Alcohol

Drinking and coronary artery disease risk are related. The evidence clearly shows that moderate drinking of alcohol leads to lower risk of coronary artery disease (CAD). That’s one of the reasons it tends to lead to longer life. Beer, wine and distilled spirits (liquor) appear to have the same health benefits. Study: Drinking and Coronary …

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Effects of Alcohol on Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks

IQ and alcohol-related diseases

What are the effects of alcohol on risk of stroke or heart attack?   Overview Research Risk Factors Resources I. Research: Effects of Alcohol on Risk of Strokes and Heart Attacks. Researchers examined the effects of alcohol on risk of strokes and heart attacks. To do so they studied data from 204,557 people in the NHIS-National …

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Alcohol Drinking and Atherosclerosis among HIV+ Persons

Moderate alcohol drinking and atherosclerosis are linked in the general population. That is, moderate consumption reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (AS). The condition is also called atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. But most non-medical people call it hardening of arteries                Overview I. Atherosclerosis II.The Study II. Resources I. Atherosclerosis AS is a …

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Drinking Alcohol & Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, & Death

alcohol and diabetic retinopathy

Investigators reviewed existing research on the effects of drinking alcohol and diabetes, cardiovascular health, and death. They focused on type 2 or adult-onset diabetes.         Overview I.  Research Evidence II. Diabetes III.Resources I. Research Evidence They found that light and moderate alcohol consumption decreases the risk of diabetes, according to most studies. …

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Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease: Moderation is Protective

heart attack survival

Are alcohol and cardiovascular disease (CVD) linked? And if so, how? Large Study of Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease Researchers studied alcohol and cardiovascular disease. To do so, they looked at 1,937,360 adults aged 30 or older. All were free of CVD. And all were from from the CALIBER Program. That’s the cardiovascular research using linked …

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