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George Washington Alcohol Quiz (It’s Really Fun! )

drinking in American life

How much do you know about George Washington? Did he wear wooden false teeth? Or throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River? Did he chop down a cherry tree? Test your knowledge of the first president by taking this George Washington Alcohol Quiz. Good luck! George Washington Alcohol Quiz. 1. George Washington considered himself primarily: …

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Social History of Alcohol in America: Discover Its Ironies

The Spirits of America: A Social History of Alcohol chronicles the fascinating role of alcoholic beverages in American life and culture. It does so from the earliest Colonial period. Learn about colorful characters ranging from the well-known hatchet-wielding Carry Nation to the little known but quirky Moe Smith. See how and why alcohol changed from …

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Early Alcohol Trivia from Cavemen To Columbus (Alcohol Fun Facts)

Humans have made alcoholic beverages for thousands of years. Here we look at early alcohol trivia from caveman to Columbus. Share your favorite alcohol fun facts with friends and family! Beer was probably a staple before bread. 1 The world’s oldest known recipe is for beer. 2 Alcohol beverages have been produced for at least …

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Alcoholic Beverages Trivia and Fun Facts (Ales to Zombies)

alcoholic beverages trivia

Have fun with these and fun facts! We cover the waterfront from ales to zombies. Enjoy these alcoholic beverages trivia. Then share your favorites with your friends, family, and co-workers! The total alcohol content of a standard can of beer, glass of dinner wine, or spirits drink are the same. Each has six-tenths of an …

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Bourbon Country Trail (Popular Destination in Kentucky)

bourbon country trail

Kentucky’s Bourbon Country Trail is a very popular drive. Travellers can visit six Bourbon distilleries located close to each other. They’re scattered among the rolling hills west of Lexington. Bourbon has been a part of American history and culture for over 200 years. As a result,  Congress has declared Bourbon to be the official distilled …

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Alcohol and Drinking in American Life and Culture. (Fun Facts of Our Past)

Drinking in American life goes back to the early colonial settlers. (Virtually no Native Americans had alcoholic beverages.) Some have called making, distributing and drinking alcohol as American as apple pie. Actually, these activities may be more American than apple pie. That’s because they existed in America long before apples were introduced from Europe. Indeed, …

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American Temperance Union (Pioneering Temperance Group)

The American Temperance Union (ATU) began in 1836. Its goal was to promote temperance. In doing so it published the Journal of the American Temperance Union for adults. And for young people it published Youth’s Temperance Advocate. In addition the Union published books, reports, pamphlets and other materials. All printings promoted the temperance movement. Temperance …

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Alcohol Moderation Organizations (Neither Abstinence Nor Alcohol Abuse)

alcohol moderation organizations

Many early temperance societies were actually alcohol moderation organizations. That’s because ‘temperance’ means moderation. And it meant moderation to them. I. Alcoholic Drink Equivalence The temperance movement began by encouraging drinkers to consume in moderation. It didn’t try to enforce abstinence from all alcohol. Instead, it only called for people to abstain from liquor (distilled …

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Mary Hunt: Temperance Leader

women leaders of temperance

Mary H. Hunt (Mary Hanchet Hunt) was born in 1830 and died in 1906. The amazing Mary Hunt became the single most powerful woman in the U.S. promoting temperance and prohibition. This is her incredible story that influences us even today. I. Amazing Story of Mary Hunt Ms. Hunt’s amazing story of success began in …

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