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Alcoholic Beverages Trivia and Fun Facts (Ales to Zombies)

alcoholic beverages trivia

Have fun with these and fun facts! We cover the waterfront from ales to zombies. Enjoy these alcoholic beverages trivia. Then share your favorites with your friends, family, and co-workers! The total alcohol content of a standard can of beer, glass of dinner wine, or spirits drink are the same. Each has six-tenths of an …

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Bourbon Country Trail (Popular Destination in Kentucky)

bourbon country trail

Kentucky’s Bourbon Country Trail is a very popular drive. Travellers can visit six Bourbon distilleries located close to each other. They’re scattered among the rolling hills west of Lexington. Bourbon has been a part of American history and culture for over 200 years. As a result,  Congress has declared Bourbon to be the official distilled …

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Alcohol and Drinking in American Life and Culture. (Fun Facts of Our Past)

Drinking in American life goes back to the early colonial settlers. (Virtually no Native Americans had alcoholic beverages.) Some have called making, distributing and drinking alcohol as American as apple pie. Actually, these activities may be more American than apple pie. That’s because they existed in America long before apples were introduced from Europe. Indeed, …

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American Temperance Union (Pioneering Temperance Group)

The American Temperance Union (ATU) began in 1836. Its goal was to promote temperance. In doing so it published the Journal of the American Temperance Union for adults. And for young people it published Youth’s Temperance Advocate. In addition the Union published books, reports, pamphlets and other materials. All printings promoted the temperance movement. Temperance …

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Alcohol Moderation Organizations (Learn What They Were)

alcohol moderation organizations

Many early temperance societies were actually alcohol moderation organizations. That’s because ‘temperance’ means moderation. And it meant moderation to them. I. Alcoholic Drink Equivalence The temperance movement began by encouraging drinkers to consume in moderation. It didn’t try to enforce abstinence from all alcohol. Instead, it only called for people to abstain from liquor (distilled …

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Mary Hunt: Temperance Leader Mary H. Hunt

women leaders of temperance

Mary H. Hunt (Mary Hanchet Hunt) was born in 1830 and died in 1906. The amazing Mary Hunt became the single most powerful woman in the U.S. promoting temperance and prohibition. This is her incredible story that influences us even today. I. Amazing Story of Mary Hunt Ms. Hunt’s amazing story of success began in …

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Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)

Woman's Christian Temperance Union

The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) is the oldest voluntary, non-sectarian women’s organization in continuous existence in the world. In addition, it was among the first groups to keep a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. to promote its agenda. The group’s name is the “Woman’s” rather than “Women’s” Christian Temperance Union. That’s because it’s the individual …

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Alcohol and the Bible: What Does Bible Say About Drinking?

alcohol and the Bible

Alcohol and the Bible is an important subject. As with many religious matters, it is controversial. Therefore, we look at the evidence. Ultimately, you must decide. I. Traditional Christian Theology Significantly, the Bible makes it clear that Jesus drank wine (Matthew 15:11; Luke 7:33-35). It also documents that he approved of its moderate consumption (Matthew …

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Prohibition Party – The Oldest Third Party in U.S.

Prohibition Party

The Prohibition Party of the United States began in 1869. Before the Civil War (1861-1865) temperance groups had promoted voluntary abstinence from alcoholic beverages. The  War diverted national attention to more pressing matters. Subsequently, the temperance movement wayned. I. Background of the Prohibition Party Moral suasion had proved to be both difficult and frustrating. So …

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Percy Andreae (Leader in Anti-Prohibition Movement in U.S.)

Percy Andreae

Percy Andreae was a major leader against alcohol prohibition in the U.S. Andreae was born on October 31, 1858 in London, England. After moving to the U.S., he became allied with brewers in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1908, state candidates supported by the Ohio Anti-Saloon League (ASL) had great victories. As a result, Andreae organized a …

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