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False DUI for Medical Conditions, Fasting, or Dieting

False DUI for Medical

Arrests for DWI or DUI should be for those who are driving while intoxicated. False arrests for DWI or DUI for medical conditions are unacceptable. They can also be fatal. Sober diabetic drivers, those with liver disease, are fasting, or are eating a low carb diet shouldn’t be arrested. Any of these these conditions can …

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Preventing Underage Alcohol Purchases (Effective Program)

There will never be enough enforcement agents to prevent underage alcohol purchases. So says an official of the NC Alcohol Law Enforcement agency. The problem can never be solved by hiring ever more agents. But we must have ways of preventing underage alcohol purchases. Fortunately, Alaska has thought creatively and uses an economic incentive to …

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Stings for Underage Alcohol Sales (Compliance Checks)

Compliance checks or stings for underage alcohol sales are very popular. However, to be legal, they must be done without entrapment. Basically, entrapment is inducing people to commit a crime they are not “predisposed” to commit. Nor would they ordinarily commit. The Department of Justice stresses that “Entrapment is a complete defense to a criminal …

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Open House Party Hosting, Manslaughter, & Criminal Negligence

open house party hosting

Open house party hosting can be dangerous to both finances and freedom. Most states permit parents to serve their own children alcohol. However, it is illegal to do so with the offspring of others. Even when they give permission. A prosecutor in Florida ran for office on a promise to crack down on open house …

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Protecting the Public from Seeing Alcohol Beverage Brand Names

dirty bastard

“Raid in the shade: Men with guns are cracking down on brand-name bar umbrellas” says the Times-Picayune headline. Strange but true. They’re protecting the public from seeing alcohol beverage brand names. Armed officers of the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) have been making demands. Specifically, that cafes remove all their outdoor umbrellas that …

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Drug Substituted for Alcohol by Underage Persons

medicins for alcoholism.

Klonopin (clonazepam), a prescription drug, has become an alternative to drinking alcohol by many young people, according to police. That is, Klonopin is a drug substituted for alcohol by underage people. Unintended Consequence With increasing crackdowns on the availability of alcoholic beverages to youth, they increasingly turn to alternatives. Although readily available, Klonopin can be …

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Death Penalty for DWI Offenders Proposed by Neo-Prohibitionist

A current supporter of the neo-prohibition movement publicly advocates the death penalty for DWI offenders. He clearly advocates increased penalties. Death Penalty for DWI Offenders The DEATH PENALTY for drunks that kill innocent people will probably NOT be a deterrent, BUT, given a few years, we can kill enough drunks, that it might be half …

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Underage Alcohol Sales Entrapment Stings: Things to Know.

underage alcohol sales entrapment

Entrapment is illegal because it is an attempt to induce law-abiding people into in crimes. That is, crimes they would not otherwise have committed. It tricks and deceives the innocent into breaking the law. For that reason, it is a federal crime. In the words of the U.S. Supreme Court, entrapment “deserves the severest condemnation.” …

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Fake ID Cards (A Symptom of a Problem, Not a Cause)

Fake ID cards are often used by those under the age of 21 to buy alcohol in the U.S.  These cards have become both very popular and highly sophisticated. Persons under the age of 21 are buying and creating millions of fake driver’s licenses. This is despite holograms and other security features designed to reduce …

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