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Alcohol Regulations often Problematic (Inconsistent and Illogical)

Laws and regulations about the marketing, sale and consumption of alcohol should be reasonable, consistent and clear.  Everyone would agree with that principle. Yet “Alcohol Regulations Often Problematic” shows how inconsistent, illogical, and ncomprehendable they can be. Texas Commission Unfortunately, laws concerning alcohol tend to have grown in a complex and inconsistent way since the repeal …

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Alcohol Monopoly States: Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)

alcohol monopoly states

Why are some states government alcohol monopoly states? The reason lies in the past. Repeal of National Prohibition was in 1933. At that point, some states decided to continue their own prohibition within their borders. Other states decided to leave the choice up to local jurisdictions (counties and/or cities). This is local option. So even …

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AA is Religious: What You Need to Know about Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is religious. Court cases repeatedly find that Alcoholics Anonymous is religious in nature.  As a result, no agent of government may legally require anyone to attend AA.  I. AA is Religious AA is Based on Religion Founders of AA were members of a fundamentalist Protestant Christian movement, the Oxford Group. Its members “practiced absolute …

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Wacky Alcohol Laws That Will Surprise You, Guaranteed!

Wacky alcohol laws exist across the entire U.S. and beyond. Discover some of these silly laws right here. They appear in groups by subject matter. Have fun learning about these wacky alcohol laws. Then share them with your friends and family. I. Wacky Alcohol Laws A. Bars & Restaurants After Michael O’Neil opened O’Neil’s Saloon, …

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Minimum Age to Sell Alcohol at Off-Premises Stores

United States of Prohibition

You’ll find here a summary of each state’s laws about the minimum age to sell alcohol in off-premises venues. That is, in places where customers must take the alcohol elsewhere to consume it. States vary widely in their alcohol laws. What is true in one state may not be true in the next. Therefore, it’s …

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