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Moderate drinkers tend to live longer than those who either abstain or drink heavily.

Alcohol Guidelines Fail: Self-Underreporting Is Usual

alcohol guidelines fail

Federal alcohol guidelines fail. That is, they’re too low. That’s because most people greatly under report their alcohol drinking. Suppose a study shows a medical problem may occur if people report drinking four drinks per day. That really means that the problem might occur if they have five, six, or many more drinks daily. The …

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Liquor Better than Milk for Good Health: Liquor is Spirits

alcohol improves health

Is liquor better than milk for good health? Yes. Government agency shows that it’s true. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) facts prove it. Liquor is better than milk for health. Milk (one cup regular milk) Wine (glass) Beer (can or bottle) Distilled spirits (1.5 oz shot or jigger) Calories 148 125 145 97 Sodium …

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Drinking Alcohol and Longevity among Men

I. The Study. Researchers studied drinking alcohol and longevity among men. Specifically, they examined the impact of drinking alcohol on all-cause mortality, total life expectancy, and non-disability life expectancy among men age 65 and older. To do so, they used a nationally representative sample from the Chinese Healthy Longevity Survey. They then compared death risks among …

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Avoid Frailty in Aging (Research Suggests How to Do It!)

avoid frailty in ageing

It’s very important to avoid frailty in aging.             Overview I.   Frailty II.  The Study III. Resources I. Frailty What’s so important about frailty? It’s because it’s linked to poor health, disability, and death. Of course, being healthy helps ward off frailty. But specifically, what can we do to …

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Alcohol Lengthens Life: Moderate Drinking and Longevity

alcohol lengthens life

Alcohol lengthens life. The medical fact is that moderate drinking tend to lengthen life. That is, moderate drinkers tend to live longer than either non-drinkers or alcohol abusers. They also tend to be healthier in both body and mind.                Overview I.   Study II.  Earlier Research III. Resources Alcohol …

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Alcohol in the Diet (Facts for Health and Long Life)

alcohol in the diet

What is the role of alcohol in the diet? The science-based Harvard Good Eating Pyramid is based on science. It recommends moderate drinking. USDA Food Pyramid The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed its Food Pyramid. The goal was to provide dietary facts in a simply way. But it reflects the economic interests of the …

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Alcohol Abstaining is Dangerous to Health and Longevity

Martin Delany

Dr. Stanton Peele points out a simple fact. It’s that alcohol abstaining is dangerous to health and long life. Abstainers tend to have poorer health than moderate drinkers. They also tend to die sooner. In fact, not drinking is a risk factor for poor health and earlier death. Perhaps, he says, health agencies should warn …

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Exercise vs. Alcohol for Heart Health (Which is Better?)

alcohol improves health

Exercising is good for heart health. So is drinking alcohol (beer, wine and liquor or spirits) in moderation. Which wins in an exercise vs. alcohol for heart health contest? Or can we substitute one for the other? To see if exercise and moderate alcohol consumption are interchangeable, Researchers at the National Institute of Public Health …

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Drinking is Good for Health (Discover More!)

policies and adolescent drinking

Harold Mandel, M.D., points out below that moderate drinking is good for health. And the alcohol can be wine (red or white), beer, or spirits (liquor).   Prof. David J. Hanson, Ph.D. of the State University of New York in Potsdam. He has reported that moderate drinking is good for health. Hanson has reported moderate …

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