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Center for Science in the Public Interest: Criticism & Defense of the CSPI.

The Problem The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has a long history of ignoring or distorting scientific evidence. It does this when the evidence is inconsistent with its agenda. Read about some of CSPI’s misuse of scientific findings. Visit The Center for Science in the Public Interest: Not Scientific and Not in […]

Frequent Binge Drinking Drops among U.S. Adolescents

The proportion of young people in the U.S. who drink alcohol has been declining since 1980. In addition, the amount each consumer drinks has also been going down over time. And fewer young people have been binge drinking. Now major research reports that frequent binge drinking has been dropping as well. And it’s been declining […]

“Alcoholism is a Disease and I Can Cure It”: Dr. Leslie Keeley and the Keeley Institutes.

Dr. Leslie Keeley. An early proponent of the disease theory of alcoholism was Dr. Leslie Keeley. He promoted the idea in the late 1800s. Keeley is now remembered for two things. First was his assertion that “alcoholism is a disease and I can cure it.” Second was his alleged “gold cure” for alcoholism and other […]

Drinking by Students Dropping to Historic New Lows in U.S.

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Drinking by students and other young people continues to hit new lows. In fact, it has been for dropping for decades. For example, look at the statistics on drinking among high school seniors.1 The proportion who have ever consumed alcohol is down (Fig 1). Those who had alcohol during the previous year […]

Abortions and Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy: Scare Tactics Can Backfire

Scare Tactics Lead to Abortions The Sun-News in Australia reported on scare tactics used to discourage drinking during pregnancy. Experts warned that such tactics can lead women to have abortions. Scare tactics were abandoned in the Province of Quebec in Canada. That was after medical authorities realized an unintended consequence. Many women had taken a […]

Alcohol, Calories and Weight: Surprising Facts Unknown to Most M.D.s

I. Surprising Facts about Alcohol, Calories and Weight The subject of alcohol, calories and weight is an ironic one. Alcohol contains calories, but drinking alcohol in moderation doesn’t lead to weight gain. And some studies report a small weight loss for women who drink.1 The medical evidence of this is based on a large number of […]

Alcopops and Weight: Alcopops Much Less Fattening than People Think

“Beware the side effects of alcopops.” That’s the warning from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). It equates drinking so-called alcopops and weight gain. (Alcopops are really flavored malt beverages or malternatives. The group says that, in terms of calories, “putting away three on Friday night gives you the equivalent of a […]

Alcoholic Content of Alcoholic Drinks: Beer, Wine & Distilled Spirits: Important to Know

Alcohol Equivalence It’s important for drinkers to know the alcoholic content of alcoholic drinks. In short, standard drinks of beer, wine and spirits have the same amounts of alcohol. It’s about six-tenths of one ounce of pure alcohol in each case. A glass of white or red wine, a bottle of beer, and a shot […]

Legal Drinking Age: Science vs. Ideology Battle Continues

Some Assumptions Debate over the legal drinking age continues. It’s largely between scientific findings and ideological beliefs. Underlying current minimum age laws are the assumptions of American prohibitionism. Drinking alcohol is dangerous and undesirable. Consuming any amount  of alcohol is equally undesirable. Moderate social drinking is the forerunner of chronic inebriation. Drinking typically results in problem […]

Effects of Combining Energy Drinks and Alcohol: Surprising Facts

Energy Drinks and Alcohol Many writers* have suggested that consuming energy drinks and alcohol can be harmful. They fear it might reduce the sense of intoxication. In turn, this might lead to drinking more alcohol. This concern has led to laws and policies about combining energy drinks and alcohol. Researchers reviewed the scientific evidence on […]

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