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Sin Taxes on Alcohol Beverages: What You Need to Know

sin taxes on alcohol

Taxes on alcohol beverages are often called “sin taxes.” Perhaps that’s a justification for raising them. The news is full of debates about increasing so-called . But what’s sinful about alcoholic beverages? Absolutely nothing. Saint Thomas Aquinas said that no substance is sinful, “but only the misuse of it that makes it so.” Healthful Drinking …

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How Much Does Alcohol Cost Society? You Might be Surprised!

alcohol facts are dangerous

The question “How much does alcohol cost society?” is fairly easy to answer. However, it’s essential to distinguish between drinking in moderation and abusing alcohol. Failure to do so leads to radically different estimates. That’s because drinking in moderation is associated with better health, longer longevity, higher income and other positive benefits. However, alcohol abuse …

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Government Alcohol Information Erroneous: Consumer Beware

early puberty and early drinking

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is the US federal government’s lead alcohol agency. It’s responsible for providing alcohol information to the American public. Because it speaks with federal authority it is essential that its information be clear and accurate. Unfortunately, much of the government alcohol information is erroneous or misleading Alcohol …

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Alcohol-Related and Alcohol-Caused (They’re Not the Same)

alcohol-related and alcohol-caused

People generally confuse alcohol-related and alcohol-caused. In short, all alcohol-caused crashes are alcohol-related. On the other hand, many alcohol-related crashes are not alcohol-caused. Most vehicle crashes do not involve alcohol. Thus, they happen without alcohol. Of crashes that are alcohol-related, many would have occurred without alcohol, And, of course, some accidents would not have occurred …

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Alcohol and Mixed Messages about Drinking

Mixed messages about drinking should be avoided. Alcohol abuse prevention agencies and groups warn us against sending mixed messages. They fear that such messages will confuse people and dilute educational efforts. But what is a mixed message and how can we recognize one? Quiz Do any of these statements send a mixed message? If so, which …

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Alcohol Abuse Statistics Deception by Government

It’s easy to fall victim to alcohol abuse statistics deception. Statistics is challenging enough. But it becomes even more challenging when others try to deceive us. Here are some examples. “A campus rape is reported every 21 hours, which translates into 6,000 rapes each year.” Notice anything strange about that statement? If a campus rape …

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St. Jude Retreats, Scientology & Narconon: Discover the Facts!

St. Jude Retreats

Allegation The Baldwin Research Institute owns and operates the St. Jude Retreats (aka Freedom Model Retreats). “Baldwin Research Institute — A Scientology Fraud?” appeared as a thread on the website.  The person who raised the question expressed concern that St. Jude Retreats were a Scientology organization that had “escaped detection.” In so doing, they …

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