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Control Your Alcohol Drinking: How to Drink in Moderation

control your alcohol

You really can control your alcohol drinking. A popular myth is that if you have a drinking problem, you have to abstain from alcohol. But that simply isn’t true Most people who have a drinking problem are not alcoholic. But even many alcoholics can learn to drink in moderation. For example, federal government did nation-wide …

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Alcoholism and Denial: a Serious Problem Faced by Alcoholics

alcoholism and denial

Almost everyone has heard that alcoholism and denial are related. And probably everyone has heard the old “Have you stopped beating your wife” trick question. Answering either yes or no damns the respondent. Similarly, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 12-step program also supports a “heads I win, tails you lose” trick question. Question: “Are you alcoholic?” …

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Wine Experts and Wine Snobism Exposed as Deceptive

wine experts

Wine experts and wine snobism can intimidate people. We’re afraid to trust our own judgment of what we like. Or of what we think we “should” like. Most people want a good wine at a good price. Should you rely on wine experts? Their advice should be, well, expert. As we’ll see, the experts aren’t …

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Confusing Correlation with Causation (Alcohol & Drinking Examples)

confusing correlation wth causation

Confusing correlation with causation is natural. We all tend to fall into the trap. The classic example is the correlation between high ice cream sales and drownings. Or the sale of sunglasses. But ice cream sales don’t cause either drownings or the sale of sunglasses.  The cause of these things is clearly warm weather. It’s …

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Drinking Alcohol and Weight: You Might be Surprised

Drinking Alcohol and Weight

Are drinking alcohol and weight gain connected? We hear much about the calories in alcohol. So what’s the story? I. The Study Researchers wanted to find out. To do so, they studied 37,000 non-smokers for five years. Smoking and drinking interact to influence weight. Therefore, the researchers limited their study to people who had never …

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Alcohol and Cancer Risk (Along With Cancer Symptoms)

alcohol on insulin resistance

Alcohol and cancer risk is greatly concerns many people. After the background section, you’ll find a list of 50 cancers and their symptoms. I. Background A. Risk The major cause of death in most of the world is cardiovascular disease. That is, diseases of the heart and circulation system. Fortunately, drinking alcohol in moderation lowers …

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Alcohol Abuse “Guesstimates” Aren’t Statistics (Don’t be Fooled!)

Iain Murray argues here that alcohol abuse “guesstimates” aren’t statistics. Therefore, we shouldn’t treat such guestimates as if they were.   If every night is party night on college campuses, a new study warns of serious problems for students. Researchers at Boston University charge that their alcohol use kills over 1,400 students annually. Their report …

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Alcohol and Colorectal Cancer (Is Alcohol a Risk Factor?)

Alcohol and colorectal cancer risk is a concern of many people. However, there is medical consensus that drinking in moderation is not a risk factor for colorectal cancer. The National Cancer Institute, the National Library of Medicine, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Cancer Research have concluded that alcohol (even …

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Pregnant Women and Drinking Advice: Very Confusing

alcohol and child development

The advice about pregnant women and drinking is very confusing. Fortunately, there are several important points to help guide those who are pregnant. Conflicting Advice The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issues health guidelines in the UK. It concluded that it is safe for expectant mothers to consume a small drink of …

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