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Alcohol Abuse Guesstimates Aren’t Statistics!

Iain Murray argues here that alcohol abuse guesstimates aren’t statistics. Therefore, we shouldn’t treat such guestimates as if they were. Alcohol Abuse “Guesstimates” If every night is party night on college campuses, a new study warns of serious problems for students. Researchers at Boston University charge that their alcohol use kills over 1,400 students annually. …

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Alcohol and Colorectal Cancer (Is Alcohol a Risk Factor?)

Alcohol and colorectal cancer risk is a concern of many people. However, there is medical consensus that drinking in moderation is not a risk factor for colorectal cancer. The National Cancer Institute, the National Library of Medicine, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Cancer Research have concluded that alcohol (even …

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Pregnant Women and Drinking Advice: Very Confusing

alcohol and child development

The advice about pregnant women and drinking is very confusing. Fortunately, there are several important points to help guide those who are pregnant. Conflicting Advice The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issues health guidelines in the UK. It concluded that it is safe for expectant mothers to consume a small drink of …

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Alcohol, Tradition, and Health: How are They Connected?

The moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with better health and greater longevity. That’s in comparison to either abstinence or heavy drinking. However, the strong temperance tradition in the US leads many people to resist this medically established fact. This reflects how alcohol, tradition, and health are closely related. Sante. Skoal. To your health. It’s …

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What is Alcoholism? A Disease? A Behavior? Decide for Yourself

 Exactly what is alcoholism? Alcoholism isn’t a “thing” but a cluster of behaviors. It’s often called a disease. However, the overwhelming evidence suggests that it is not. Indeed, many doctors reject the theory that alcoholism is a disease. They do so for lack of evidence supporting it. Visit Is Alcoholism a Disease? to learn more about …

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Parents Giving Alcoholic Drinks May Reduce Drinking-Related Problems

decrease alcohol problems

Parents giving alcoholic drinks to their adolescents? Is this a good idea? Research suggests it is. Some adolescents get their first drink from friends or others. Others get it from their parents. The latter group has fewer later alcohol-related problems. That includes heavy episodic drinking or “bingeing.” That shouldn’t be surprising. It’s the typical southern …

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The Red Wine Health Myth (Discover the Facts!)

wine experts

Most people know that drinking red wine in moderation contributes to better health and greater longevity. Scientific medical research conducted around the world for decades has demonstrated the health benefits of drinking red wine. But there’s also a red wine health myth. So don’t be fooled. Red Wine Health Benefits Red wine’s health benefits became …

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Most Heavy Drinkers Consume Less over Time: Learn Why Some Don’t

what is alcoholism

Many people believe that heavy or problem drinking1 leads to alcoholism or alcohol dependence.2  Researchers tested this idea. They found that most heavy drinkers consume less alcohol over time. First, researchers identified problem drinkers through random-digit-dial telephone screening northern California. Then they made in-person interviews with 672 people. The mean age of the sample was 35 …

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Alcohol and Traumatic Injury Deaths: Discover More!

alcohol and traumatic injury

Drinking alcohol and traumatic injury deaths. Does alcohol improve survival? Evidence strongly suggests that alcohol reduces death from traumatic injury. The reason may be that alcohol reduces damaging inflamation. Most research finds that a positive blood alcohol concentration (BAC) helps patients survive traumatic injury. And this is true for both traumatic brain injury patients and …

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Alcohol Nutrition Labels Needed: They Should List More than Calories

Beverage alcohol nutrition labels are needed. They should include not only calories but also other information. That includes fats, cholesterol, and sodium or salt. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) proposes nutrition labels on alcoholic beverages. Its proposal is a good one but doesn’t go far enough. It only calls for labeling the …

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