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Confusing Correlation with Causation (Alcohol Examples)

confusing correlation wth causation

Confusing correlation with causation is natural. We all tend to fall into the trap. The classic example is the correlation between high ice cream sales and drownings. And the sale of sunglasses. But ice cream sales don’t cause either drownings or the sale of sunglasses. The cause of these things is clearly warm weather. It’s …

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Drinking Alcohol and Weight: You Might be Surprised

liquor better than milk

Are drinking alcohol and weight gain linked? We hear much about the calories in alcohol. So what’s the story? I. The Study Researchers wanted to find out. So they studied 37,000 non-smokers for five years. Smoking and drinking interact to influence weight. So the researchers limited their study to people who had never smoked. Thus, …

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Alcohol and Cancer Risk (Along With Cancer Symptoms)

drugs on driving

Alcohol and cancer risk is greatly concerns many people. After the background section, you’ll find a list of 50 cancers and their symptoms.                            Overview I.   Background II.  Cancers III. Resources I. Background: Alcohol and Cancer Risk A. Risk The major cause …

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Alcohol Abuse Guesstimates Aren’t Statistics!

Iain Murray argues here that alcohol abuse guesstimates aren’t statistics. Therefore, we shouldn’t treat such guestimates as if they were true. Alcohol Abuse Guesstimates If every night is party night on college campuses. A study warns of serious problems for students. Researchers at Boston University charge that their alcohol use kills over 1,400 students annually. …

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Alcohol and Colorectal Cancer (Is Alcohol a Risk Factor?)

Alcohol and colorectal cancer is a concern of many people. But there is medical consensus that drinking in moderation is not a risk factor for colorectal cancer. Alcohol (even drunk at high levels) is not a risk factor for colorectal cancer. That’s the conclusion of these medical groups. National Cancer Institute. National Library of Medicine. …

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Pregnant Women and Drinking Advice: Very Confusing

drinking during pregnancy

Advice about pregnant women and drinking is very confusing. But there are several important points to help guide themt. Conflicting Advice The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) issues health guidelines in the UK. It concludes that it is safe for pregnant women to have a small drink of alcohol each day. Two …

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Alcohol, Tradition, and Health: How are They Connected?

increased alcohol drinking

The moderate drinking of alcohol is linked with better health and longer life. That’s compared to either not drinking heavy drinking. Yet the strong temperance tradition in the US leads many people to resist this medical fact. This reflects how alcohol, tradition, and health are closely related. Sante. Skoal. To your health. It’s how we …

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What is Alcoholism? A Disease? A Behavior? Decide for Yourself

Exactly what is alcoholism? Alcoholism isn’t a “thing” but a cluster of behaviors. It’s often called a disease. However, most facts suggests that it is not. Indeed, many doctors reject the theory that alcoholism is a disease. They do so for lack of facts supporting it. Visit Is Alcoholism a Disease? to learn more about the …

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Parents Giving Alcoholic Drinks May Reduce Drinking Problems

what is moderate drinking

Parents giving alcoholic drinks to their adolescents? Is this a good idea? Research suggests it is. Some adolescents get their first drink from friends or others. Others get it from their parents. The latter group has fewer later alcohol-related problems. That includes heavy episodic drinking or so-called “bingeing.” That shouldn’t be surprising. It’s the typical …

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The Red Wine Health Myth (Discover the Facts!)

wine experts

Most people know that drinking red wine in moderation adds to better health and longer life. Medical research has been done around the world for decades. It has shown the health benefits of drinking red wine. But there’s also a red wine health myth. So don’t be fooled. Red Wine Health Benefits Red wine’s health …

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