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Neo-Prohibitionists in the U.S.: Discover Their Goals & Methods

Neo-prohibitionists aren’t new and and they’re all around us. In fact, almost one in five American adults today favors outlawing drinking. That is, they’re not neo-prohibitionists but prohibitionists!   Surprisingly, not even National Prohibition outlawed drinking. For example, it generally prohibited making, transporting, and selling beverage alcohol. But it didn’t prohibit either buying or drinking …

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Alcohol is a Solvent: Is It also a Dangerous Poison? Is It a Powerful Toxin?

“Alcohol is a solvent” is a misleading statement. It’s often part of an effort to stigmatize alcohol and frighten people into abstaining. Of course, other solvents include water, olive oil, vinegar, milk and almost all other liquids. Naturally, temperance-oriented writers ignore this important fact. So it’s correct to say that alcohol is a solvent. However, …

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Temperance Approach to Alcohol: Counterproductive

The temperance approach to alcohol has a long tradition. People who pushed for Prohibition (1920-1933) lived in a different era. There was little scientific knowledge about drinking alcohol. They had some strange ideas. Strange Beliefs Consider these assertions: Alcohol is the dirtiest drug we have. It permeates and damages all tissue. No other drug can …

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