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The Atlantic Is Nostalgic For The Anti-Alcohol Prohibition Era

The following article by Dr. Alex Berezow is reprinted by permission of the American Council on Science and Health. In it, he points out fallacies of an Atlantic anti-alcohol article. Completely banning alcohol would only prevent about 3.5% of cancer deaths. That, of course, means the other 96.5% of fatal cancers are caused by things other than …

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Prohibitionist Dogma Has No Place in Government Dietary Guidelines

Government dietary guidelines must be be reasonable and science-based. Imagine you’re at a friend’s party. You finish nursing your first beer and casually reach for a second. Everyone immediately stops and stares. Your friends start whispering to themselves, wondering if they should stage an intervention. Ridiculous and unjustified, right? Wrong! At least according to a …

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Mississippi is a Dry State Although Very Slowly Changing

Mississippi is a dry state

Mississippi Mississippi is a dry state and was so long before National Prohibition began in 1920. And it was also the first state to ratify National Prohibition. Upon Repeal in 1933, it kept its own state-wide prohibition. Later, it “reaffirmed prohibition.” Thus Mississippi has a very long and strong temperance tradition.  However, local governments do have local …

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Anti-Alcohol Industry 101: The Neo-Temperance Movement

Most people are completely unaware that an enormous and well-funded anti-alcohol industry exists in the U.S. It consists of a large number of interrelated organizations, groups and individual activists. They are opposed in some way to alcohol and its consumption. Some want to return to Prohibition. However, most want to continuously reduce average consumption to …

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21st Cent. Anti-Alcohol Activists: Prohibition, Drip by Drip

anti-alcohol activists

21st Century anti-alcohol activists want to vilify responsible drinking. by John Doyle Over seventy-five years ago, states began voting to ratify the 21st Amendment. That marked an important milestone on the road to ending Prohibition nationwide. But a subtler and more insidious movement is now using a back-door approach to de-legitimize social drinking. Some people …

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Neo-Prohibitionists in the U.S.: Learn Their Goals & Methods

Neo-prohibitionists aren’t new and and they’re all around us. In fact, almost one in five American adults today favors outlawing drinking. That is, they’re not neo-prohibitionists but prohibitionists! Surprisingly, not even National Prohibition outlawed drinking. For example, it generally prohibited making, transporting, and selling beverage alcohol. But it didn’t prohibit either buying or drinking it. …

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Deceptive Alcohol Statistics: How They Do It (Don’t be Fooled!)

Deceptive alcohol statistics are everywhere. But if you understand how people deceive us, you’re less likely to be fooled. Let’s start by looking at some statements. Which is or are true? College student drinking is increasing. The rate of alcohol-related traffic crashes is going up. Alcohol advertising causes young people to begin drinking or to …

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Frequent Binge Drinking Drops among U.S. Adolescents

The proportion of young people in the U.S. who drink alcohol has been declining since 1980. In addition, the amount each consumer drinks has also been going down over time. And fewer young people have been binge drinking. Now major research reports that frequent binge drinking has been dropping as well. And it’s been declining …

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To Say Alcohol is a Solvent is a Misleading Statement.

“Alcohol is a solvent” is a misleading statement. It’s often part of an effort to stigmatize alcohol and frighten people into abstaining. Of course, other solvents include water, olive oil, vinegar, milk and almost all other liquids. Naturally, temperance-oriented writers ignore this important fact. So it’s correct to say that alcohol is a solvent. However, …

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