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The Atlantic Is Nostalgic For The Anti-Alcohol Prohibition Era

The following article by Dr. Alex Berezow is reprinted by permission of the American Council on Science and Health. In it, he points out fallacies of an Atlantic anti-alcohol article. Completely banning alcohol would only prevent about 3.5% of cancer deaths. That, of course, means the other 96.5% of fatal cancers are caused by things other than …

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Prohibitionist Dogma Has No Place in Government Dietary Guidelines

Government dietary guidelines must be be reasonable and science-based. Imagine you’re at a friend’s party. You finish nursing your first beer and casually reach for a second. Everyone immediately stops and stares. Your friends start whispering to themselves, wondering if they should stage an intervention. Ridiculous and unjustified, right? Wrong! At least according to a …

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Alcohol Policy for Youth in the U.S.: What Should It Be?

decrease alcohol problems

What should alcohol policy for youth be in the U.S.? This is a heated subject. Here the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) gives its views. I. Alcohol Policy for Youth NYRA believes U.S. youth alcohol policy should recognize the inevitability of alcohol consumption among youth. Therefore, it should seek to reduce the harm of that alcohol use. …

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A Learner’s Permit for Drinking: A Logical Proposal for Moderation

As a teenager, writer Courtney Love Gavin suggested the value of a learner’s permit for drinking safely. She argued that we issue learner permits to help people drive safely. Here is her opinion piece.   The transformation of going from a child to an adult does not happen overnight. It is a metamorphosis that happens …

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America’s Drinking Problem (Discover What It Is)

America's drinking problem

Journalist Logan Jenkins describes what he sees as America’s drinking problem. See if you agree.   A Canadian friend, the mother of a graduating high school student, telephoned recently for some parenting advice. Her son wanted to throw a pre-prom party at his Montreal home. The question: Should alcohol be served, as her son requested? …

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Teen View on Reducing Alcohol Abuse (We Can Learn from Teens)

Here a reader gives a teen view on reducing alcohol abuse. It’s based on her cross-cultural experience.   Hi, I came across your website while trying to find and compare alcohol abuse statistics between France and the US. Here is an excerpt of the paper I am writing. I thought you might find interesting. As …

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Teach Safe Drinking to Your College-Bound Teen

teach safe drinking

Parents should teach safe drinking to their college-bound high school teens. Students also need to learn how not to drink and how to drink less according to Dr. Dwight B. Heath of Brown University. He is the world’s leading anthropological authority on alcohol and drinking. It once was a happy time when high school seniors …

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Reducing Alcohol-Related Problems: What We can Learn from Others

In this interview, Dr. Dwight Heath shares some of his knowledge and insights on reducing alcohol-related problems. He is the world’s leading anthropological authority on alcohol and drinking. He has studied studied cultures around the globe. As a result, he understands how drinking patterns are related to the prevalence (or absence) of alcohol problems.  He …

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Rethinking Drinking by Young Adults (How to Reduce Abuse)

rethinking drinking by young adults

We should be rethinking drinking by young adults. That’s the recommendation of three experienced college observers and researchers. They are Joel S. Rudy, Dr. Dwight B. Heath, and Dr. David J. Hanson.   In a majority of states in the US, drivers aged 16 and 17 gain valuable experience while holding special licenses. These restrict …

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Lower the Drinking Age to 18? (Yes Says Expert and Here’s Why)

Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan explains why we should lower the drinking age to 18. That’s the age at which young people become adults.   My colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health, where I studied preventive medicine, deserve praise for their study on teenage drinking. What they found in their survey of college students was …

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