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Alcohol Facts are Dangerous (Should They be Censored?)

alcohol facts are dangerous

Alcohol facts are dangerous? The reader whose e-mail is below achieved success in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However, only about five percent (5%) of its members do so after a year of attendance. AA is ineffective for most people. But there are effective alternatives. (See at bottom of page.) The writer of the email thinks that …

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Let Them Drink; Don’t Let Them Drink and Drive

don't let them drink and

Dr. Tom Gerety is president emeritus of Amherst College. Here he gives his ideas about letting young people drink. But he says let them drink; don’t let them drink and drive and drive!   Let Them Drink; Don’t Let Them Drink and Drive by Tom Gerety Thanks to concerns about highway safety, we have laws …

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Ignored Civil Rights Issue (Age 21 Drinking Law for Adults)

effective college alcohol policies

A reader sent the following opinion piece. It addresses the ignored civil rights issue of our time. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.   As we students return to campus each fall, we are bombarded with politically correct rhetoric. It focuses on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Activists tell us that our country is racist, …

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Alcohol Brain Science of Teens: Dissenting Ideas to Consider

IQ and alcohol-related diseases

In his discussion below on teen alcohol brain science, journalist John Buell raises serious questions. For more observations by John Buell, visit Facts of Teen Prohibition and Underage Drinking Problem Prevention. Here’s John Buell’s piece.   Earlier I suggested that collegiate binge drinking would increase if society intensified campaigns against all underage drinking. Recent publicity …

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The United States of Prohibition: Discover What It Means

mothers against drunk driving

In “The United States of Prohibition, ” writer Jonathan David Morris shows how frustrating differing state alcohol laws can be.   United States of Prohibition      by Jonathan David Morris I’m leaving New Jersey after 26 years when I get married in August. My soon-to-be wife and I are leasing a townhouse in a …

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What We Can Learn from the French about Drinking Alcohol

Can we learn from the French about drinking? This piece by Lynne Breaux says we can learn much. What can we learn from the French about drinking alcohol? by Lynne Breaux What can we learn from the French about drinking alcohol? A recent sojourn of Paris’ splendid cafe society spotlighted the French respect for, and …

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