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Labor’s National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act

support for repeal

The American Federation of Labor’s National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act was created in January of 1931. The Volstead Act was the law that provided for the implementation of the Eighteenth Amendment that established National Prohibition (1920-1933). Matthew Woll The National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act was co-founded and …

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American Council on Alcohol Problems (A Temperance Group Today)

American Council on Alcohol Problems

The American Council on Alcohol Problems is a prohibition-oriented federation of state affiliates. It currently promotes a neo-prohibitionist agenda to stigmatize alcohol and marginalize those adults who choose to consume any alcoholic beverage. Even its logo shows a bottle of alcohol crossed out. The Council was known as the Anti-Saloon League from 1893 until 1948. …

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American Issue Publishing Company (Worked 24/7 for Prohibition)

Prohibition Dictionary

The American Issue Publishing Company was the publishing house of the Anti-Saloon League of America. Westerville, Ohio was a small town near Columbus. In 1909, its residents of gave a site valued at about $10,000 to the Anti-Saloon League. It was for the site of a printing plant. Workers started and completed the building that same …

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AMA’s Alcohol Information and Statistics (Beware of Errors & Distortions)

Confusing correlation with causation

Although it’s a professional medical organization, the American Medical Association (AMA) is also a major political organization. In its efforts to influence public policy, the AMA plays fast and loose with facts. Thus, AMA’s alcohol information and statistics are often either wrong or misleading. 100,000 Beer Commercials The AMA has  asserted that it “long has …

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Ineffective DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program Popular

Virtually everyone loves the ineffective DARE program. That is, except scientific researchers. They consistently find that that it is completely ineffective. In fact not a single published report has ever found DARE to be effective. Indeed, some have even found it to be counterproductive. That is, program students later consumed more alcohol than those who …

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Alcohol Regulations often Problematic, Inconsistent, etc.

drinking age act

Laws and regulations about the marketing, sale and consumption of alcohol should be reasonable, consistent and clear.  Everyone would agree with that principle. Yet “Alcohol Regulations Often Problematic” shows how inconsistent, illogical, and ncomprehendable they can be. Texas Commission Unfortunately, laws concerning alcohol tend to have grown in a complex and inconsistent way since the repeal …

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Government Alcohol Information Erroneous: Consumer Beware

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is the US federal government’s lead alcohol agency. It’s responsible for providing alcohol information to the American public. Because it speaks with federal authority it is essential that its information be clear and accurate. Unfortunately, much of the government alcohol information is erroneous or misleading Alcohol …

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Cora F. Stoddard (Head, Scientific Temperance Federation).

Cora F. Stoddard

Cora F. Stoddard was a leading proponent of temperance and National Prohibition of alcohol. She served for 30 years as the head of the Scientific Temperance Federation. Ms. Stoddard was the personal secretary of Mary Hunt. Hunt was founding head of the Department of Scientific Temperance Instruction in Schools and Colleges. That was an important …

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Anti-Prohibition Congress (Caused Great Controversy: Discover Why)

Anti-Prohibition Congress

The Anti-Prohibition Congress was held in Brussels in 1922.  Politicians from Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland attended. The Congress was viewed as a threat to National Prohibition in the U.S. which, at the time, had been in existence less than two years. See Also Puritans to Prohibition Prohibition: …

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What’s Wrong with the Alcohol Industry (Discover More Here!)

the alcohol industry

Dr. William DeJong is a professor in the Boston University School of Public Health. He tells us what’s wrong with the alcohol industry. Dr. DeJong explains that by using the term “the alcohol industry” activists are “trying to tap into the public’s general suspicion of profit-making big business. Harking back to the trust busting days of …

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