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Alcohol Regulations often Problematic (Inconsistent and Illogical)

drinking age act

Laws and regulations about the marketing, sale and consumption of alcohol should be reasonable, consistent and clear.  Everyone would agree with that principle. Yet “Alcohol Regulations Often Problematic” shows how inconsistent, illogical, and ncomprehendable they can be. Texas Commission Unfortunately, laws concerning alcohol tend to have grown in a complex and inconsistent way since the repeal …

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Government Alcohol Information Erroneous: Consumer Beware

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is the US federal government’s lead alcohol agency. It’s responsible for providing alcohol information to the American public. Because it speaks with federal authority it is essential that its information be clear and accurate. Unfortunately, much of the government alcohol information is erroneous or misleading Alcohol …

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What’s Wrong with the Alcohol Industry (Discover More Here!)

the alcohol industry

Dr. William DeJong is a professor in the Boston University School of Public Health. He tells us what’s wrong with the alcohol industry. Dr. DeJong explains that by using the term “the alcohol industry” activists are “trying to tap into the public’s general suspicion of profit-making big business. Harking back to the trust busting days of …

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