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Café Culture Benefits Everyone and Is Easy to Create

Café culture has spread from Europe to countries around the world. With its emphasis on eating and socializing, it appeals to a broad segment of people. Café culture contributes to a diverse and vital downtown area that attracts visitors and enhances the economy. In short, café culture benefits everyone. The city of Chapel Hill in …

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Reducing Student Alcohol Abuse (What Works and What Doesn’t)

Alcohol abuse among students in high school and college continues to drop to new lows. However, any abuse is too much. So it still remains a serious problem that requires action. Specifically, what works in further reducing student alcohol abuse? What Works… Social Norms Marketing The social norms marketing approach is highly effective in reducing …

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Inconsistent College Alcohol Policies (Schizophrenic Campuses)

College are often using two popular but very conflicting  approaches to reduce alcohol abuse. Thus, some have inconsistent college alcohol policies. Not only are they inconsistent, but they are in conflict. One is an aggressive no-use, zero tolerance policy, especially toward the consumption or possession of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. It …

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No Dirty Bastard is Allowed in Alabama (Illegal to Sell the Beer Brand)

Dirty Bastard beer is banned in Alabama but Fat Bastard wine isn’t. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?The argument of the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board is simple. The word “bastard” is a profanity. And the ABC bans profanity from alcoholic beverage labels. Alabama officials not only permit the sale of Fat Bastard wine …

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Alcohol Policies and Adolescent Drinking Behaviors (Important!)

brief intervention for alcohol abuse

Is there a connection between alcohol policies and adolescent drinking behaviors? For example, do strict policies reduce heavy drinking? What about heavy episodic or so-called “binge” drinking? Research Study Researchers wanted to know. So they studied the matter among 15- and 16-year old youth in 40 European and North American countries. Data on drinking were from …

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Voluntary Committee of Lawyers (Promoted Repeal of National Prohibition)

Voluntary Committee of Lawyers

There have been two organizations called the Voluntary Committee of Lawyers. I. The First A group of highly influential lawyers formed the first Voluntary Committee of Lawyers (VCL) in 1927. Its goal was to promote Repeal of National Prohibition (1920-1933).  Joseph H. Choate, Jr. headed the group. Its corporate charter stated three things. The Eighteenth Amendment …

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Alcoholic Beverage Nutrition Labels are Needed to Help Consumers

Why aren’t there alcoholic beverage nutrition labels? Other foods and beverages have them. And they’re very helpful to consumers. The TTB The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) controls alcoholic beverage labeling. Therefore, many health and consumer groups have been urging the TTB  to require alcoholic beverage nutrition labels. And they’ve been doing so …

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Ignored Civil Rights Issue (Age 21 Drinking Law for Adults)

effective college alcohol policies

A reader sent the following opinion piece. It addresses the ignored civil rights issue of our time. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.   As we students return to campus each fall, we are bombarded with politically correct rhetoric. It focuses on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Activists tell us that America is systemically racist, …

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AMA’s Alcohol Information and Statistics (Beware of Errors & Distortions)

Confusing correlation with causation

Although it’s a professional medical organization, the American Medical Association (AMA) is also a major political organization. In its efforts to influence public policy, the AMA plays fast and loose with facts. Thus, AMA’s alcohol information and statistics are often either wrong or misleading. 100,000 Beer Commercials The AMA has  asserted that it “long has …

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Alcohol Labeling Public Support: Favors Nutritional Labels

alcoholic beverage nutrition labels

Consumers have a right to know the contents of what they eat and drink. Millions of people rely on nutrition labels to help them make important health and diet choices. Independent research has found that label information on packaged food and drinks is very useful. It helps 76% of people make decisions on what to …

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