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Politicians Arrested for Drunk Driving (Federal & State)

I. Background. There are many politicians arrested for drunk driving. The charge is usually driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). However, some states use different charges. For example, OUI (operating under the influence) or OWI (operating while intoxicated). And even DWAI (driving while ability impaired). The charges usually relate to alcohol. […]

Prohibition Party – The Oldest Third Party in U.S.

I. Background. The Prohibition Party of the United States began in 1869. Before the Civil War (1861-1865) temperance groups had promoted voluntary abstinence from alcoholic beverages. The  War diverted national attention to more pressing matters. Subsequently, the temperance movement wayned. Moral suasion had proved to be both difficult and frustrating. So after the War, temperance […]

Taxes and Prohibition: Taxes and Repeal (Effects of Tax Revenue & Its Sources on Prohibition & Repeal)

Taxes and Prohibition of alcohol were related. But ironically, so were taxes and Repeal. Here’s what happened. The Story. There were two major sources of federal government revenue for much of U.S. history. One was customs duties on imported products. The other was taxes on alcoholic beverages. About 30 to 40% of the government’s revenue came […]

Responses to Arguments against the Minimum Legal Drinking Age

The federal government is spending taxpayer money in a political campaign to defend the minimum drinking age. “Responses to Arguments against the Minimum Legal Drinking Age” is by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). In it, the the federal government identifies arguments against the minimum legal drinking age. It then suggests counter […]

Bootlegger in Congress: ‘The Man in the Green Hat,’ George Cassiday

A bootlegger in Congress? During National Prohibition (1920-1933) it was illegal to transport or sell alcoholic beverages. Most members of Congress publicly supported Prohibition and its enforcement. They included both Democrats and Republicans. They came from across the country. From East, West, North and South. They came from both rural areas and cities. But most […]

Three-Tier System of Alcohol in U.S. Causes Competing Interests of Producers, Distributors & Retailers

The US repealed National Prohibition in 1933. Federal law then established the three-tier system. This mandates complete separation of alcohol production, wholesaling, and retailing. The three tier system means that producers cannot either wholesale or retail alcohol. Similarly, wholesalers cannot be producers or retailers. And retailers cannot wholesale or produce alcohol. This separation means that the economic […]

State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Directory

This directory gives contact and other information for each state in the US. They are listed alphabetically. Many questions about alcohol and drinking laws and regulations can be answered by local law enforcement agencies. Others can be answered by  the agency controlling alcohol within a state. But a warning. Answers about legal provisions for drinking […]

Molly Pitcher Club: Women for Repeal of Prohibition

It was during the early part of  National Prohibition.  The year was 1922. The Molly Pitcher Club was formed by libertarian M. Louise Gross. The name of the group was from a Revolutionary War folk heroine. She helped and supported soldiers in their fight. The name was appropriate. The group limited membership to women. And […]

Woman’s New York State Temperance Society

Woman’s New York State Temperance Society is the correct name of the society. However, people often mis-spell it the  Women’s New York State Temperance Society. In addition, its  moniker is often the Woman’s Temperance Society of New York. Or the Women’s Temperance Society of New York. Sometimes it’s the Women’s State Temperance Society. Occasionally, it’s […]

United Friends of Temperance: Not Friends of Blacks

The Beginning The United Friends of Temperance resulted from a meeting on November 22, 1871 in Chattanooga. The organizers formed the Council of Temperance. In attendance were 33 representatives of temperance groups. They included  Friends of Temperance, the Sons of Temperance, the Good Templars, the Temple of Honor, and the Knights of Jericho. At a […]

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