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Mail Alcohol through the USPS? The Postal Service Needs to Modernize.

Why can’t sellers mail alcohol to their customers through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS)? I. Why Not Mail Alcohol? It isn’t possible to mail alcohol. The USPS cannot deliver alcohol through the mail. But FedEx, UPS, and other private carriers will deliver beer, wine, and spirits. This inconveniences customers. It also harms the USPS. The restriction …

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Mississippi is a Dry State Although Very Slowly Changing

Mississippi is a dry state

Mississippi Mississippi is a dry state and was so long before National Prohibition began in 1920. And it was also the first state to ratify National Prohibition. Upon Repeal in 1933, it kept its own state-wide prohibition. Later, it “reaffirmed prohibition.” Thus Mississippi has a very long and strong temperance tradition.  However, local governments do have local …

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Alcoholic Politicians From Around the World (Any Surprises?)

alcoholic politicians

There are, and have been, many alcoholic politicians. Today, some have reported themselves to be alcoholic and have sought treatment. For alcoholic politicians of the past, it’s harder. Therefore, historians base their judgements on accounts of those who knew the politicians and their actions. However, it’s safe to assume that there are many politicians who …

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Prohibition and Progressives: Progressive Movement Promoted Prohibition

Prohibition and Progressives were closely connected. In fact, the Progressive Movement strongly promoted prohibition. The Progrssive Era was between about 1890 and 1920. It was a reaction to social problems caused by industrialization, political corruption, and other developments. Progressives wanted to create an ideal society.  Their approach was to reduce individualism and increase the power …

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Labor’s National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act

support for repeal

The American Federation of Labor’s National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act was created in January of 1931. The Volstead Act was the law that provided for the implementation of the Eighteenth Amendment that established National Prohibition (1920-1933). Matthew Woll The National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act was co-founded and …

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Lillian Sedwick (WCTU & KKK Leader) Discover Why!

women leaders of temperance

Lillian Sedwick was state head of the Indiana Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). She was also state leader of the Indiana Women of the Ku Klux Klan (WKKK). Sedwick became state head of the Indiana WKKK when she replaced Daisy Douglass Barr. Reverend Barr was another WKKK and WCTU leader As a KKK-supported candidate, Ms. Sedwick …

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Earl Dodge (Perennial Prohibition Party Candidate)

Longtime leader of the Prohibition Party, Earl Dodge, Jr., was born in Malden, Massachusetts on December 24, 1932. He joined the Party at age 19. Later, he became chair of the Prohibition Party in 1979. It was while the party was operating under the name of the National Statesmen Party. It re-instated the Prohibition Party …

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Richmond Pearson Hobson (Congressional Prohibitionist)

Richmond Pearson Hobson

Richmond Pearson Hobson was the most highly paid of the over 2,000 public speakers for the Anti-Saloon League. His gift of oratory was highly valued by the League and his membership in Congress gave him political clout. Father of American Prohibition Hobson introduced proposed constitutional amendments to establish national prohibition over 20 times. Understandably, some …

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Favorite Alcoholic Beverages of Presidents and Others

drinking in American life

The favorite alcoholic beverages of presidents and others is fascinating subject.. U.S. Presidents The favorite alcoholic beverages of Presidents  of the U.S. include these. Whiskey (George Washington) Madiera wine (Thomas Jefferson) Gin and tonic (Gerald Ford) Martini (Herbert Hoover) Champagne (James Madison) Whiskey (Andrew Jackson) Champagne (James K. Polk) Rum and coke; dry martini (Richard …

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Biblical Teachings on Alcohol: Separate Personal Opinion from the Bible

Communities sometimes vote on whether or not to allow Sunday alcohol sales.  Or they vote on whether to overturn old laws prohibiting any sale of alcohol. That is, on whether to become “wet.” In virtually all cases, opposition to such change is organized by local ministers. They who contend that drinking is prohibited by the …

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