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Anti-Alcohol Bias: Governments, Agencies, Researchers, etc.

anti-alcohol bias

A reader emailed this question. “Why do so many researchers, governments, agencies, etc. put so much energy into showing the negative effects of alcohol? It seems like there’s a concerted effort to discredit all alcohol drinking.” In other words, why all the anti-alcohol bias?    That’s an excellent question. But the answer is fairly simple. …

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The Sheppard Bone-Dry Act: DC Prohibition Act

New Jersey alcohol laws

The Sheppard Bone-Dry Act. It was also called the DC Prohibition Act. Officially, it was this. “An Act to prevent the manufacture and sale of alcoholic liquors in the District of Columbia and for other purposes.” The “for other purposes” refers to exceptions, penalties, and other matters. It was sponsored by Sen. Morris Sheppard in …

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Mississippi is a Dry State Although Very Slowly Changing

Mississippi is a dry state

Mississippi was a dry state long before National Prohibition began in 1920. And it was also the first state to ratify National Prohibition. Upon Repeal in 1933, it kept its own state-wide prohibition. Later, it “reaffirmed prohibition.” Thus the state has a very long and strong temperance tradition.  So we can say that Mississippi is a …

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Alcoholic Politicians From Around the World (Any Surprises?)

There are, and have been, many alcoholic politicians. Today, some have reported themselves to be alcoholic and have sought treatment. For alcoholic politicians of the past, it was harder. So historians base their judgements on accounts of those who knew the politicians and their actions. But it’s safe to assume that there are many politicians …

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Prohibition and Progressives: Progressives Promoted It

Prohibition and Progressives were closely linked. In fact, the Progressive Movement strongly promoted prohibition. The Progrssive Era was between about 1890 and 1920. It was a reaction to social problems, They thought these were caused by industrialization, political corruption, and other developments. Progressives wanted to create an ideal society. Their approach was to reduce personal …

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Wilson Act (Helped States Protect Their Alcohol Prohibition)

drinking age act

Congress passed the Wilson Act in 1890. Before that, the U.S. Supreme Court had held that a state could only exclude from its borders two forms of articles. One was those that were not legitimate articles of commerce. The other was those “intrinsically not merchantable.” For example, rotten meat or disease-infected products. But some states …

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Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of Liquor Problem

scientific temperance instruction

The Committee of Fifty for the Investigation of the Liquor Problem was formed to study Scientific Temperance Instruction As the end of the 1800s approached, Scientific Temperance Instruction (STI) was widely required by law. Every state and DC requiered it. That is, each had laws mandating that every student receive anti-alcohol education. Not Scientific But …

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Labor’s National Committee for the Modification Volstead Act

support for repeal

The American Federation of Labor (AF of L). It formed Labor’s National Committee for the Modification of the Volstead Act (LNCMVA). That was in January of 1931. The Volstead Act was the law that implemented the 18th Amendment that established National Prohibition (1920-1933). Matthew Woll Matthew Woll co-founded and then headed the LNCMVA. He testified …

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Lillian Sedwick (WCTU & KKK Leader) Discover Why!

women leaders of temperance

Lillian Sedwick was state head of the Indiana Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). She was also state leader of the Indiana Women of the Ku Klux Klan (WKKK). Sedwick became state head of the Indiana WKKK when she replaced Daisy Douglass Barr. Rev. Barr was another WKKK and WCTU leader As a KKK-supported candidate, Ms. Sedwick …

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