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National DARE Day Celebrates an Ineffective Program

National DARE Day celebrates an ineffective educational program. It’s a triumph of ideology, emotion and hope over science and truth. DARE is Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. Dr. Marsha Rosenbaum, director of the Safety First Project, made the these observations. Drug Abuse Resistance Education I first heard of Drug Abuse Resistance Education when my daughter, Annie, …

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Alcoholism Self-Help Information and Resources: You Can Succeed!

alcoholism self-help

Alcoholism self-help is liberating. There are no meetings. No need to self-label. There are no 12 steps. No submission to any “Higher Power.” There are no demands. I. Alcoholism Self-Help Reading and following suggestions found in alcoholism self-help books makes it easier. This can help people either abstain or drinking in moderation. Most of the …

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Preventing Alcohol Relapses at Parties: Helpful Tips

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Preventing alcohol relapses at parties can be a concern. Not only for non-drinkers but also for other guests and hosts. Here are tips for non-drinkers, drinkers, and hosts. Preventing relapses should be everyone’s concern. For Guests Who Don’t Drink: Preventing Alcohol Relapses at Parties Tell your spouse or friend before you go to a party …

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Hypnosis for Alcoholism Treatment: Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis has existed since ancient times. And also in many ancient countries. They included Sumeria, Persia, China, India, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire. The Egyptians and Greeks also used hypnotherapy. However, there is no evidence that they used hypnosis for alcoholism. I. Hypnosis for Alcoholism In using hypnosis for alcoholism treatment, the hypnotist leads …

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Licensed Alcohol Counselor: Accept Nothing Less

Always insist on having a licensed alcohol counselor. You wouldn’t seek medical help from an unlicensed doctor. Why use an unlicensed alcohol counselor? Make sure to have a licensed alcohol counselor. Too much is at stake to do otherwise. Licensed Alcohol Counselor Unfortunately, many alcohol counselors are not licensed. Some alcohol and drug programs actually …

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