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Alcohol and the Bible

Alcohol and the Bible is an important subject. As with many religious matters, it is controversial. Here we look some of the evidence. Ultimately, you must decide. I. Traditional Christian Theology The Bible makes it clear that Jesus drank wine (Matthew 15:11; Luke 7:33-35). It also documents that he approved of its moderate consumption (Matthew …

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Church Temperance Society (Protestant Episcopal Church)

Church Temperance Society

The Church Temperance Society. That’s the short name of the Temperance Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America. The society was established in 1881 to promote temperance, ‘rescue’ the intemperate, and eliminate the perceived causes of intemperance. In promoting temperance, the Society considered the moderate consumption of alcohol and the …

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Aaron Watkins: Major Prohibition Party Leader and Temperance Activist – Discover More!

Aaron Watkins

Temperance leader Aaron Watkins (1863-1941) practiced law with his brother. He was later ordained as a Methodist minister. Watkins held Ohio pastorates in the Methodist Episcopal Church. They were in Cairo, Cincinnati, Columbus Grove, Continental, Delta, Edgerton and Germantown. Also in Lima, Linwood, North Baltimore, Ottawa, Van Wert, Waynesville, Wesley, and Winton Place. Prohibitionist Aaron …

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