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Knights of Father Mathew: a Temperance Group

Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America

Irish Beginning The Knights of Father Mathew was a Catholic temperance society that originated in Ireland. It promoted complete abstinence from all alcohol. The Knights was formed in 1838 by Theobald Mathew in Cork, Ireland. He’s generally called Father Mathew. Branches of the group spread throughout Ireland. Fr. Mathew also traveled in England and Scotland …

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Claude A. Watson: Prohibition Party Candidate

A National Leader Claude A. Watson was a national leader of the prohibition movement. He was Prohibition Party candidate for vice-president of the US in 1936. Next, he was the Party’s presidential candidate in both 1944 and 1948 During the 1944 election he asked why the president denied him approval for wartime air flight. After …

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Rolland Fisher: Prohibition Party Candidate

Rolland Fisher

Rolland Fisher: The Prohibitionist Rolland Fisher was the Prohibition Party candidate for vice-president of the US in 1968. His running mate was Harold Munn. They received 14,915 of the 31,783,783 total votes. That was 0.000046 percent of the total vote. Prohibition Party candidates do not run for high office to win. They run to build …

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Ben Bubar: Prohibition Party National Candidate

american council on alcohol problems

Benjamin C. Bubar, Jr., was better known as Ben Bubar. He was the Prohibition Party candidate for the presidency of the US in both 1976 and 1980. Bubar was born on June 17, 1917, in Blaine, Maine. His parents were Benjamin Calvin Bubar and Mary Louise Heal Bubar. Minister He became an ordained Baptist minister, …

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Robert P. Shuler: Highest Prohibition Vote-Getter

events in temperance

“Fightin Bob” Shuler Robert P. Shuler was the Prohibition Party candidate who received the highest vote of any prohibition candidate ever. In the 1932 California election for US Senate he received 560,088 votes (25.8%). He carried  Orange and Riverside counties. Following his defeat, Rev. Robert P. Shuler “placed an awful curse” on Southern California. “Fightin …

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Evangeline Booth: Prohibition Leader – Very Committed

Evangeline Booth was born in London in 1865. Her parents were the founders of the Salvation Army. Eva was her birth name. But she changed it to Evangeline. She thought it sounded more impressive. It was not needed. She was impressive without the name change. Drinking a Great Evil Both Evangeline Booth and the Salvation Army …

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Billy Sunday: Famous Temperance Preacher for Prohibition

alcohol from 1890 to

Billy Sunday (William Ashley Sunday). Sunday was first famous as a professional baseball player. He then became much more famous as an evangelist. Sunday preached temperance. He remains well-known even today. Sunday spent time as an aide to another preacher. That’s before going solo in 1896. He was ordained as a preacher in the Presbyterian …

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