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Prohibition in Virginia: Yes, Virginia, Prohibition was a Disaster

Prohibition in Virginia has a long tradition. So many Virginians were opposed to alcohol that they had established state-wide prohibition in 1914. This was well before the country followed suit in 1920.   There was a strong belief in the state that Prohibition would be highly beneficial. That it would lead to less crime, better […]

Prohibition in Arkansas Began Well, Ended Badly

I. Prohibition Welcomed Prohibition in Arkansas was welcomed when it began in 1920. Temperance sentiment had been strong in Arkansas even before statehood in 1836. The state permitted local option in 1855. This enabled counties and municipalities to have their own prohibition. Many chose to do so. The prohibition movement grew steadily after the Civil […]

Prohibition in Iowa: Iowans wanted It to Work

I. Outlook was Bright Prohibition in Iowa seemed destined for success.  The state had led the way to Prohibition. It was one of the three most strongly pro-Prohibition states in the union. It had its own state-wide prohibition in 1916. That was four years before National Prohibition. It was also the home of several national […]

Prohibition in Minnesota: Optimism Turned Into Despair

Prohibition in Minnesota was welcomed. The state had a long temperance history. It strongly supported National Prohibition (1920-1933) when it began. Volstead Act The National Prohibition Act of 1919 is usually called the Volstead Act. That recognizes Minnesotan Andrew Volstead. It was Volstead who introduced the legislation and oversaw its successful passage through Congress. The […]

Prohibition in Missouri: A Disappointing Disaster

Great Hope for Prohibition National Prohibition in Missouri began with great hope. Most Missourians had supported it. They believed that outlawing alcohol would increase prosperity, improve health, and lower crime. That it would decrease violence, protect the family, and improve morality. They would soon be proven terribly wrong. Before Prohibition, St. Louis alone was the […]

Prohibition in Indiana and Its Repeal: The Real Story

The story of Prohibition in Indiana is fascinating. I. Prohibition: Bright Beginning National Prohibition began in 1920. Many Hoosiers thought it would lower crime, improve health, and decrease accidents. That it would lead to prosperity, protect young people, and raise public morals. Celebrations were held across the state and famous evangelist Billy Sunday visited. He […]

Prohibition in North Carolina: Relics of Prohibition Continue

Prohibition in North Carolina has a long history. The state became the first in the south to enact state-wide prohibition. It was also the first state in the union to enact state prohibition by a direct vote of the electorate. It did so with a resounding vote of 62% in favor. Thus, North Carolina established […]

Prohibition in New Jersey: Its Rise and Fall

The Promises of Prohibition New Jersey residents welcomed Prohibition at first.  Many residents thought it would reduce crime, improve health, increase safety and raise public morality. But New Jersey quickly became a hotbed for illegal alcohol or moonshine. The promised benefits of Prohibition never occurred. It actually created more problems. Ira Reeves Enter army hero […]

Prohibition in Illinois: From Beginning to End

Prohibition in Illinois was promising at the start. Temperance movements had been popular in the state as early as 1833. Prohibition sentiment had grown much stronger since then. In the early 20th century the General Assembly passed a local option law. It was sponsored by the Anti-Saloon League. That law led to prohibition in two-thirds […]

Prohibition in Alabama Supported, then Rejected

Prohibition Welcomed Prohibition in Alabama was was widely supported at first. Alabamans generally believed that the Noble Experiment would be beneficial. That it would improve health, increase safety and reduce violence. That it would raise public morality and create a better environment for young people. Problems But it quickly became apparent that Prohibition was not […]

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