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Prohibition Party – The Oldest Third Party in U.S.

I. Background. The Prohibition Party of the United States began in 1869. Before the Civil War (1861-1865) temperance groups had promoted voluntary abstinence from alcoholic beverages. The  War diverted national attention to more pressing matters. Subsequently, the temperance movement wayned. Moral suasion had proved to be both difficult and frustrating. So after the War, temperance […]

Events in Temperance and Prohibition History: Calendar Timeline

Also, oThere are a number of events in temperance and prohibition history around the world. This is a calender of days for January through December. Typically, one event is listed for each day of the year. There are many thousands of events. Therefore, this is only a partial list from the many events in temperance history. […]

The Non-partisan Woman’s Christian Temperance Union vs the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Many people have heard of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). But virtually no one has heard of the Non-partisan Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (NWCTU). The WCTU was formed in 1874. Within five years it had established over 1,000 local units or “unions.” It continued to grow during National Prohibition (1920-1933). Its peak membership was […]

Dry Counties: Prohibition Counties in the US Today

Dry counties are those that forbid the sale of alcoholic beverages in some form. Hundreds of dry counties exist across the United States. And about 18,000,000 people live in the roughly 10% of the area of the US that is dry. The U.S. repealed National Prohibition in 1933. However, a large proportion of the population continued to […]

Allied Forces for Prohibition: Defending Prohibition

Allied Forces The Allied Forces for Prohibi ­tion was an organization of 29 temperance groups. The groups united in 1928.(1) They did so in the face of increasing calls for the modification or repeal of National Prohibition. By 1932, the Allied Forces claimed to have 1,000,000 adherents.”(2) Rev. Daniel A. Poling headed it. When the […]

Alcohol Moderation Organizations: Neither Abstinence nor Alcohol Abuse

Moderation vs. Temperance Many early temperance societies were actually alcohol moderation organizations. That’s because ‘temperance’ means moderation. And it meant moderation to them. Alcoholic Drink Equivalence The temperance movement began by encouraging drinkers to consume in moderation. It didn’t try to enforce abstinence from all alcohol. Instead, it only called for people to abstain from […]

Alcohol History Dates: Is One Your Birthday? Anniversary?

Alcohol history dates are listed for events related to drinking in the U.S. The date of your birthday or anniversary isn’t listed? No problem. Resources for identifying other alcohol history dates are at the end of the list. Enjoy! Alcohol History Dates January in Alcohol History Jan. 1, 1801. The U.S. Federal duty on distilled […]

Women and Temperance, Prohibition & Repeal: Crucial to Success

Women and Temperance – Prohibition The role of women in temperance and prohibition was essential to success. Indeed, at one time people considered women and temperance to be virtually synonymous. Women, along with major Protestant churches, made National Prohibition possible. In 1852, Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized the Women’s New York State Temperance Society. Other prominent […]

Alcohol and Thyroid Cancer Risk: Drinking is Beneficial

Researchers examined the relationship between drinking alcohol and thyroid cancer risk. To do so, they located 33 observational studies on the subject. Of these, 20 were case-control, 11 were cohort, and two were cross-sectional studies. Combined, they involved 3,113,679 participants without thyroid cancer. A total of 7,725 developed the disease. The researchers conducted meta-analyses to […]

Temperance Organizations Around the World: Timeline

Temperance organizations around the world are listed by date of founding. All are non-governmental (NGOs). However, branches of international organizations are not listed. There are three sections of information.   I. Temperance Organizations around the World.  II. Index of Temperance Organizations by Location. III. Resources for More Information Want more information about specific temperance organizations […]

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