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Washingtonians: The Washingtonian Movement (Learn why the Name is Ironic)

The Washingtonians were members of the Washingtonian Total Temperance Society. There is a lack of consistency in the names they used. One group might be called the Washington Total-Abstinence Society. Another might be the Washingtonian Temperance Society. There were many variations. The individual Societies  resembled non-religious Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. Yet they pre-dated AA by …

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Women’s Temperance Crusade: Origin of the WCTU

The Women’s Temperance Crusade was a remarkable phenomenon. Ironically, it was sparked by a man. His name was Diocletion Lewis. Known as Dr. Dio Lewis, he had practiced medicine but was unlicensed to do so. He had only studied homeopathy for a few months and briefly apprenticed under a homeopath. But the title gave him …

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Temperance Timelines

Prohibition Party

Even the term temperance has had a strange history. It began with the clear meaning of temperate or moderate. So temperance activists called for not drinking excessively. Among other things, that meant not drinking distilled spirits. That view was based on a myth. They thought spirits were “stronger” than beer and wine. In reality,  standard drinks …

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Prohibition in Alabama Supported, then Rejected

Prohibition Welcomed Prohibition in Alabama was was widely supported at first. Alabamans generally believed that the Noble Experiment would be beneficial. That it would improve health, increase safety and reduce violence. That it would raise public morality and create a better environment for young people. Problems But it quickly became apparent that Prohibition was not …

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