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Alcohol Songs  (Beer, Wine, & Liquor or Spirits in Music)

Alcohol songs can be about alcohol, can be drinking songs, or may include lyrics about drinking. There are over 600 here. They represent many genres. How many of the songs do you recognize? Most alcohol songs have titles beginning with a letter. These are in alphabetical order. However, a few begin with a number. Those …

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Geography of Alcohol and Drinking (Discover the Unexpected)

The geography of alcohol is a fascinating subject. The spatial arrangement of activities is important. It can provide important insights. It can point out the unexpected. And also guide public alcohol policy. I. Geography of Alcohol Related Traffic Crashes. Texas has the most alcohol-related traffic crashes in the U.S. Of course it has more drivers …

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Famous Alcoholics (You’ll be Surprised at Some of the Names!)

Anyone can be alcoholic. It’s not just the skid row wino. There are many very famous alcoholics. This list isn’t limited to famous alcoholics. It also includes the infamous, rich, powerful, and influential. (By the way, be sure to visit Alcoholic Athletes and also Famous People Arrested for Drunk Driving.) It’s important to recognize the …

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Vodka Terms, Trivia, Cocktail Recipes, Resources, and More


You found it! Vodka terms, trivia, cocktail recipes, and more. Knowing vodka terms can help you enjoy and describe vodka better. And learning vodka trivia can amaze your family and friends. It’s fun! I. Vodka: What is It? Vodka is a clear, colorless, tasteless, neutral distilled spirit. Producers don’t age it. Distillers have commonly make …

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Rum Terms, Trivia, Resources and More Information about Rum


Here it is. Rum terms, trivia, and even more information about rum. Learning rum terms will help you enjoy and describe your specific beverage preferences. You can also learn rum trivia to amaze your family and friends. It’s fun! I. Rum: What is It? Distillers produce rum from only sugar cane or sugar cane by-products. Some …

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Prohibition Trivia: Fun Trivia about National Prohibition in the U.S.

prohibition in new york

Prohibition trivia is about National Prohibition in the U.S. It existed from January of 1929 until December of 1933. That is, it lasted almost 14 years. Enjoy prohibition trivia and share your favorite with family and friends. I. Prohibition Trivia Residents of some towns were absolutely convinced that alcohol caused all crime. Therefore, as Prohibition …

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Repeal Trivia: Trivia about the Repeal of Federal Alcohol Prohibition

Repeal trivia is fun. But before we get to the trivia, here’s a little background. I. Background By 1900, millions of people in the U.S. believed that drinking alcohol was a national tragedy. They thought alcohol was the cause of unemployment, poverty, crime, and divorce. Also of poor health, insanity, violence, immorality, child neglect, and …

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