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Organizations Against Underage Drinking: Learn about Them

mothers against drunk driving

Here is a list of what appear to be grassroots organizations against underage drinking. In reality, all of these groups were organized and supported by the temperance-oriented Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. They’re part of its nation-wide program to influence alcohol policy at both the state and federal levels. Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking. Texans Standing Tall …

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Drinking to Defy Adult Authority (How to Prevent It)

drinking to defy

Most alcohol abuse education is ineffective and occasionally even counter-productive. Often young people begin drinking to defy authority. It’s important that we effectively teach young people about the dangers of alcohol abuse. We must also prepare them to drink safely, if they choose to drink, when they’re of legal drinking age. Harm reduction approaches don’t …

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Alcohol Ads and Underage Drinking (What Does Science Say?)

alcohol ads and underage drinking

Are alcohol ads and underage drinking related? Can reducing or eliminating alcohol ads on TV reduce underage drinking? Simple solutions to complex issues are always temping. Unfortunately, news reports can mislead if they don’t accurately summarize research findings. Misleading Reporting In reporting the findings of a study1 on the subject, the New York Times failed to …

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Early Puberty and Early Drinking Age (Are They Related?)

Are early puberty and early drinking age related? Researchers wanted to know the answer. To do so, they studied 1,117 young people. They found that early onset of puberty predicts early consumption of alcohol and intoxication. And it does so among both males and females. It also predicts smoking, drug use, and both sex and …

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Age at First Intoxication More Important than Age at First Drink

Much research focuses on early age of first drink. Researchers usually call this early onset of drinking. (They ignore age at first intoxication.) Many report that age at first drink is associated with later drinking problems. However, no one knows why this is so. There are two obvious possibilities. One is that early onset of …

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Alcohol Policies and Adolescent Drinking Behaviors (Important!)

brief intervention for alcohol abuse

Is there a connection between alcohol policies and adolescent drinking behaviors? For example, do strict policies reduce heavy drinking? What about heavy episodic or so-called “binge” drinking? Research Study Researchers wanted to know. So they studied the matter among 15- and 16-year old youth in 40 European and North American countries. Data on drinking were from …

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The Lincoln-Lee Legion (Youths Pledged Lifelong Alcohol Abstinence)

Howard Hyde Russell

Anti-Saloon League founder Howard Hyde Russell founded the Lincoln-Lee Legion in 1903. It was to promote the signing of total alcohol abstinence pledges by children. The organization was originally called the Lincoln Legion. However, in 1912 it was renamed the Lincoln-Lee League. That was to make it more appealing to Southern children and their parents. …

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The Ignored Civil Rights Issue of Our Time (Age 21 Drinking Law)

effective college alcohol policies

A reader sent the following opinion piece. It addresses the ignored civil rights issue of our time. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.   As we students return to campus each fall, we are bombarded with politically correct rhetoric. It focuses on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Activists tell us that America is systemically racist, …

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Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking or Possession of Alcohol

tolerance for underage drinking

Zero tolerance for underage drinking or possession of alcohol has strong public support. However, popular support doesn’t make zero tolerance effective. In fact, it’s often counterproductive. Radley Balko is an award-winning writer for the Washington Post and a member of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. Balko is a former policy analyst for the Cato Institute and a …

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“A Matter of Degree” Program to Prevent Alcohol Abuse is Ineffective

temperance magazines or journals

The “A Matter of Degree” program to prevent alcohol abuse is ineffective. It was to reduce drinking and alcohol-related problems on college campuses. The Program Ten universities across the U.S. received almost nine million dollars to reduce the presence of alcohol in their campus environments. One of the strongest supporters of the program, Henry Wechsler, and …

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