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The Way to Reduce Alcohol Abuse (It’s Proven Effective)

There’s a proven way to reduce alcohol abuse. What’s more, its results occur quickly and it’s inexpensive to do. Dr. H. Wesley Perkins developed the technique. In this interview with David Hanson he explains how and why it works. Hanson — Dr. Perkins, your research and insights form the basis of a unique, even revolutionary, …

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Rethinking Drinking by Young Adults (How to Reduce Abuse)

rethinking drinking by young adults

We should be rethinking drinking by young adults. That’s the recommendation of three experienced college observers and researchers. They are Joel S. Rudy, Dr. Dwight B. Heath, and Dr. David J. Hanson.   In a majority of states in the US, drivers aged 16 and 17 gain valuable experience while holding special licenses. These restrict …

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Reducing Student Alcohol Abuse (What Works and What Doesn’t)

Alcohol abuse among students in high school and college continues to drop to new lows. However, any abuse is too much. So it still remains a serious problem that requires action. Specifically, what works in further reducing student alcohol abuse? What Works… Social Norms Marketing The social norms marketing approach is highly effective in reducing …

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Brief Intervention for Alcohol Abuse among Young People

Here journalist Bob Curley explains that brief intervention for alcohol abuse can effectively help young prople. The process can be simple, easy, and inexpensive.   Brief interventions can be effective in cutting alcohol use by college students. The methods used to deliver these interventions — including e-mail and the Internet ­– can help other populations. …

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Lower the Drinking Age to 18? (Yes Says Expert and Here’s Why)

Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan explains why we should lower the drinking age to 18. That’s the age at which young people become adults.   My colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health, where I studied preventive medicine, deserve praise for their study on teenage drinking. What they found in their survey of college students was …

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Unrecognized Problem about Binge Drinking (It’s Serious)

control your alcohol

Dr.  Robert Chapman explains below a widely unrecognized problem about binge drinking. And it’s one that has serious effects.   There is great controversy among professionals about the term “binge drinking.” This term is widely used to address the issue of high-risk drinking by college students. However, it’s far from the “accepted term” of those who …

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Harm Reduction for Alcohol Abuse (It’s Effective)

DUI trends

Here the late Dr. Alan Marlatt explains harm reduction for alcohol abuse. He was a pioneer in its development and widespread use. The Harm Reduction approach is based on compassionate pragmatism instead of moralistic idealism. It recognizes that a minority of people have always abused alcohol and always will. It doesn’t condone this behavior, but …

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Inconsistent College Alcohol Policies (Schizophrenic Campuses)

College are often using two popular but very conflicting  approaches to reduce alcohol abuse. Thus, some have inconsistent college alcohol policies. Not only are they inconsistent, but they are in conflict. One is an aggressive no-use, zero tolerance policy, especially toward the consumption or possession of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. It …

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Age at First Intoxication More Important than Age at First Drink

Much research focuses on early age of first drink. Researchers usually call this early onset of drinking. (They ignore age at first intoxication.) Many report that age at first drink is associated with later drinking problems. However, no one knows why this is so. There are two obvious possibilities. One is that early onset of …

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Alcohol Policies and Adolescent Drinking Behaviors (Important!)

brief intervention for alcohol abuse

Is there a connection between alcohol policies and adolescent drinking behaviors? For example, do strict policies reduce heavy drinking? What about heavy episodic or so-called “binge” drinking? Research Study Researchers wanted to know. So they studied the matter among 15- and 16-year old youth in 40 European and North American countries. Data on drinking were from …

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