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Moderate Drinking among Older Women: Health Effects

This study examined the health effects of moderate drinking among older women. It also looked at the effects of smoking on health. I. The Study Researchers wanted to learn if the health effects of drinking moderately persisted into old age among women. They also looked at smoking tobacco.  To do so, they examined alcohol consumption, […]

Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease & Mortality among Middle-Aged & Older Women

Lifestyle and cardiovascular disease is important to post-menopausal women. Following menopause, cardiovascular disease and resulting death increase greatly. I. The Disease Cardiovascular disease involves diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It includes heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, valve problems and stroke. It is the number cause of death for both men and women.  Cardiovascular […]

Alcohol and Fetal Development (What Pregnant Women Need to Know about Drinking)

The Problem. The subject of alcohol and fetal development is highly emotional. In general, people often have strong beliefs about drinking during pregnancy. For example, some restaurant servers refuse to serve alcohol to women who appear to be pregnant. One women become frantic when she discovered she had eaten salad with wine vinegar dressing. This […]

Alcohol During Pregnancy: Effects of Drinking May Surprise You

Alcohol during pregnancy is a major societal concern. It’s clear that repeatedly heavy alcohol drinking by pregnant women increases the risk of negative effects on the fetus. These include premature birth, small size, and low birth weight. The most serious  such possible effect is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). However, much less is known about the […]

Alcohol and Breast Cancer: Important Health Facts to Save Your Life

The Study: Alcohol and Breast Cancer Researchers studied the connection between drinking alcohol and breast cancer. They wanted to learn the role of family breast cancer history and folate consumption on the disease. To do so, they followed 93,835 women in the U.S. aged 27 to 44 for 20 years. The women were participants in […]

Abortions and Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy: Scare Tactics Can Backfire

Scare Tactics Lead to Abortions The Sun-News in Australia reported on scare tactics used to discourage drinking during pregnancy. Experts warned that such tactics can lead women to have abortions. Scare tactics were abandoned in the Province of Quebec in Canada. That was after medical authorities realized an unintended consequence. Many women had taken a […]

Drinking and Women’s Health: Alcohol’s Long-Term Effects’

Drinking and Women’s Health. What are the long-term effects of alcohol drinking and women’s health? This is a very important question. Researchers from Harvard and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center investigated this very important question. To do so, they reviewed published findings from the Nurses’ Health Study and Nurses’ Health Study II. Significantly, these are […]

Increased Alcohol Drinking, Heart Disease & Breast Cancer

What are the effects of increased alcohol drinking on heart disease and breast cancer among postmenopausal women? To examine this question, researchers in Denmark studied 21,523 postmenopausal women. The women were participants in the Diet, Cancer, and Health Study. During a five-year period some women increased their alcohol intake. Some decreased it. And many made […]

Risk of Osteoporosis and Drinking Alcohol: Drinking Reduces Risk

The risk of osteoporosis is reduced by drinking in moderation. That’s according to medical research. Osteoporosis is a severe problem, especially among older women. But is also effects many men. It is a frequent cause of fractures that often lead to severe disability. The disease can cause bones to become so weak that even coughing […]

Alcohol is Sexist: It’s Unfair and Unjust, but Important to Know

Alcohol is sexist. It treats men and women differently. And no law can stop alcohol from being sexist. Actually, alcohol itself isn’t the problem. It’s our bodies that treat alcohol differently. Men and women are unequal when it comes to alcohol. It is we who are “sexist” regarding alcohol. Again, no law can change that […]

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