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Giving Alcohol to a Minor (or Providing or Supplying It)

mothers against drunk driving

Giving alcohol to a minor can seem harmless. Especially when the quantity is small. But the negative results to the person who supplies it can be both serious and permanent. Students preparing for some careers may be blocked if they are found guilty of unlawfully dealing with a minor.  Or to corrupting the morals of …

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Effective Alcohol Education: What Works with Underage Youths

prohibition supported

Public policy in the U.S. calls for complete alcohol abstinence by all people under age 21. That includes adults under 21. But it’s a failure. Indeed, the policy has actually been counter productive. That is, causes more problems than it prevents. We must replace failed programs with effective alcohol education. Alcohol education programs are virtually …

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Learner’s Permit for Drinking: A Logical Proposal

As a teenager, writer Courtney Love Gavin suggested the value of a learner’s permit for drinking safely. She argued that we issue learner permits to help people drive safely. Here is her opinion piece.   The transformation of going from a child to an adult does not happen overnight. It is a metamorphosis that happens …

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Europeans Learn Responsible Drinking: Fewer Alcohol Problems

Journalist Jeff Frantz reports that Europeans learn responsible drinking. Thus young Europeans are more responsible about drinking than those in the U.S. Here’s his piece.   The 21st-birthday bar tour — it’s a staple of American life. You blow out the candles, go to a bar, drink, vomit, pass out. You laugh the next day when …

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Intoxicated Women aren’t Attractive to College Men

College men don’t find excessive drinking by women to be appealing. That’s contrary to what most college women falsely think. In short, intoxicated women aren’t attractive or appealing to college men. That’s the finding of research among 3,616 college students. Seven of ten women (71%) overestimated the amount of alcohol that the typical college man …

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Drinking to Defy Adult Authority (How to Prevent It)

reducing underage alcohol abuse

Most alcohol abuse education is not effective. It’s sometimes even counter productive. Often young people begin drinking to defy adults. It’s important that we teach young people about the dangers of alcohol abuse. We must also prepare them to drink safely. That is, if they choose to drink when they’re of legal drinking age. Harm …

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Drug Substituted for Alcohol by Underage Persons

drug substituted for alcohol

Klonopin, a prescription drug. It has become an alternative to drinking alcohol by many young people. That’s according to police. So Klonopin is a drug substituted for alcohol by underage people. Unintended Consequence Crackdowns have been made on the sale of alcohol to youth. So they turn to alternatives. Although readily available, Klonopin can be …

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Alcohol in Cough Syrup and other Over-the-Counter Medicines

alcohol in cough syrup

People are often surprised at the level of alcohol in cough syrup or other over-the-counter medicines. You might also like to visit Foods that Contain Alcohol. Alcohol is often a major component of cough syrup and other meds. Below is an alphabetical list of many medicines with a high alcohol content. Medication % Alcohol Ambesol …

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Underage Alcohol Sales Entrapment Stings: Things to Know.

underage alcohol sales entrapment

Underage alcohol sales entrapment. Entrapment is illegal because it is an attempt to induce law-abiding people into crimes. That is, crimes they would not otherwise have done. It tricks and deceives the innocent into breaking the law. For that reason, it’s a federal crime. In the words of the US Supreme Court, entrapment “deserves the …

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Alcohol Ads and Underage Drinking: What Does Science Say?

alcohol ads and underage drinking

Are alcohol ads and underage drinking related? Can preventing alcohol ads on TV reduce underage drinking? Simple solutions to complex issues are always temping. But news reports can mislead if they don’t accurately report research findings. Misleading Reporting In reporting the findings of a study1on the subject, the New York Times failed to report accurately. …

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