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Alternatives to D.A.R.E.:Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Alternatives to D.A.R.E. Alternatives to D.A.R.E. are important. The DARE program is very popular. However, researchers have, without exception, found it to be ineffective. Even worse, some have found it to be sometimes counterproductive. That is, worse than doing nothing. For example, see Drug Abuse Resistance Education: the Effectiveness of DARE. That’s the conclusion of …

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Early Onset of Drinking: What Research Shows May Surprise You!

Early onset of drinking. That is, early age when people begin to drink. What are the results of early onset of drinking? Some say it leads to alcoholism (alcohol dependence) later in life. I. Caution from NIAAA The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) summarizes research on the subject. Specifically, on the eelationship …

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Minimum Age to Sell Alcohol at Off-Premises Stores

United States of Prohibition

You’ll find here a summary of each state’s laws about the minimum age to sell alcohol in off-premises venues. That is, in places where customers must take the alcohol elsewhere to consume it. States vary widely in their alcohol laws. What is true in one state may not be true in the next. Therefore, it’s …

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Will My Child Become an Alcoholic? Ways to Reduce the Risk

You might might be concerned about an important question: “Will my child become an alcoholic?” Parents can never know for certain, but there are ways to reduce the risk. There are clearly things to do and things not to do. I. Things to Do A. Be a good role model. Never abuse alcohol. Use teachable …

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Alcohol Drinking by Youth Continues to Drop in Western World

Chart: High school seniors who have ever consumed alcohol

The popular belief is that there is a drinking epidemic among young people. In reality, alcohol drinking by youth continues to drop. Research in more prosperous parts of the world shows “solid evidence” of less drinking by young people since 2005. In fact, surveys in the U.S. and some other countries demonstrate drops in drinking …

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Parents Giving Alcohol to Their Teens Helps Reduce Drinking Problems

The Issue. Young people get their alcohol from many sources. Rarely is it from stores. Most often it’s from their parents and other adults, friends, or siblings. Parents giving alcohol is very common. Many believe that parents giving alcohol to their own children reduces alcohol abuse. They think it’s important to teach moderation by being …

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Effects of Moderate Alcohol Drinking on Health & Long Life

Most people know that abusing alcohol is bad for the body. It can damage the liver, increase risk of breast cancer, and cause accidents. But what are the effects of moderate alcohol drinking on health? Does it do anything of benefit? The short answer is “yes.” Drinking alcohol (beer, wine, and distilled spirits) improves health …

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Alcohol Ban Support among Youth in the EU Trend Over Time

I. The Research: Alcohol Ban Support Researchers measured beverage alcohol ban support among young people across the European Union (EU). They interviewed 37,253 respondents 15-24 years of age from 27 EU countries. They compared alcohol ban support in 2008 and 2014. This information is important because public alcohol policy depends on public support. And, of …

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“Choose Responsibility” to Reduce Underage Alcohol Abuse

What is Choose Responsibility? Choose Responsibility is a nonprofit organization. It promotes public awareness of the dangers of  reckless alcohol consumption by adults age 18-20. It does this through a program of research, publication, education, and related activities. The organization seeks to stimulate informed public discussion about alcohol in American culture.  It promotes policies that …

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Harm Reduction for Drinking (Facts and Information)

harm reduction for drinking

Harm Reduction is often misunderstood. It reduces the harmful effects of any targeted behavior. This discussion focuses on harm reduction for drinking alcohol by young people. However, the general principles also apply to other behaviors by people of any age. These behaviors might be driving, gambling, engaging in sex, losing weight, and so on. For …

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