Cocktails To-go Made Permanent Post COVID, a Good Idea?

Making cocktails to-go permanent is very popular. Businesses, their employees, and consumers love it.

I. Economic Impact of Covid 19.

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on the restaurant and bar industry. It supports about 10% of all payroll jobs in the country. In 2020 alone, the industry lost an estimated $240 billion dollars. And nearly 2,500,000 people lost their jobs. Also, many people lost their businesses and livelihoods.

The impact on individuals is staggering. In addition, families, businesses, and taxpayers were all negatively effected. 

II. The Response

In response, over 35 states began permitting restaurants and/or bars to sell cocktails to-go. They did this to give economic relief. It helped both businesses and their employees. This was possible because of executive orders or other temporary means.

Cocktails to-go became extremely important to the survival of restaurants and bars. Of course, this was very popular with both businesses and their employees. It also greatly helped the economy.

And it was also very popular with the public. People saw it as a way to support their local businesses. They also liked the convenience of having handcrafted cocktail at home.

III. Cocktails To-go Are Sticking Around in Numerous States

Because its value, 14 states have passed laws to extend cocktails to-go for a while. And 16 states and  DC passed laws making cocktails to-go permanent. Here’s the list.

    • AZcocktails to-go
    • AR
    • IA
    • FL
    • GA
    • KS
    • KY
    • MTcocktails to-go
    • NE
    • OH
    • OK
    • TX
    • WV
    • WI 
    • & DC

In addition, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey have bills that would make cocktails to-go permanent. But New York failed to do so. That’s because of conflicts between package stores and restaurants. And a bill in Pennsylvania failed to become law.

Elva Ramirez, writing for Forbes, made a good point. “The to-go cocktail, a lifeline to restaurants and a favorite of patrons, may be one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic.”1

IV. Alcohol Equivalence

cocktails to-go
Standard drinks have equal alcohol.

Alcohol equivalence is the fact that standard drinks of beer, wine, and spirits (liquor) all have the same amount of pure alcohol.

This fact helps us know that having two beers before driving is no safer than having two glasses of wine. Nor two shots of whiskey nor two Martinis. There are no drinks of moderation. There are only behaviors of moderation. Period.

Cocktails To-go

V. Resources

    • Of course, this site gives no advice about drinking. Please see your doctor with questions.