Cooking with Liquor or Spirits (Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Etc.)

Many people cook with wine. But cooking with liquor or spirits adds exciting new flavors to food. This makes them more interesting. As the alcohol evaporates, their essences are concentrated. Their sugars also become carmelized. And, of course, nothing compares to the excitement of a flambed dish!

Cooking with liquorAll of the cookbooks below provide great ways to enhance foods by cooking with spirits and liqueurs.

Liqueurs are spirits to which distillers add additional flavors. These may be sugar, fruits, flowers, seeds, roots, herbs, and spices. Because of their wide variety, liqueurs offer many ways to add exciting new flavors to foods.

Books for Cooking with Liquor or Spirits

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Allen, N. Bourbon Cookbook.

Allison, S. Cooking with Liqueurs, Spirits and Wine.

Anstis, J. Cooking with Liqueurs.

Baker, L.  Recipes for Spirited Sweets.

                                      Did you know?

There’s no worm in tequila. The so-called worm is in mezcal. And the “worm” is actually a butterfly caterpillar.

Balman, S. Cupcakes with a Kick.

Banning, K. Desserts to Get You in the Spirit.

Beam, J. Trénais Nouvelle Liqueur: Nouvelle Experiences in Fine Cuisine.

Beam, J. Cordials Cooking.

Beard, J. The Grand Marnier Cookbook.

Bone, G. Cooking with Booze.

Caruba, R. Cooking with Wine and Spirits.

Cointreau. Secrets of Flaming Desserts.

Cointreau. Cooking with Cointreau.

Cole, S. Gourmet Adventures with Liqueurs.

Currance, J. Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey.

                                  How about this?

Distillation began during the Middle Ages. The alcohol produced was aqua vitae or “water of life.”

Daniels, D. et al. The Bourbon Country Cookbook.

De Wulf, L. Adventures with Liqueurs [cookbook].

cooking with liquorDrambuie. Unlock the Secrets of Drambuie: Selected Cocktails and Recipes.

Drambuie. Drambuie à la Carte.

Frangelico.  Frangelico Liqueur [cookbook].

Galliano. … and Add a Measure of Gold [Galliano].

Gardner, K. Cooking with Cocktails: 100 Spirited Recipes.

Greenberg, E. and M. Whiskey in the Kitchen.

Greenberg, E. Gourmet Cooking with Old Crow.

Hebert, M. The First Brandy Cookbook.

Hebert, M. California Brandy Cuisine.

Hutson, L. and Marshall, J. Tequila! Cooking with the Spirit of Mexico.

Irish Mist. Irish Mist in Fine Food.

                                   Would you believe?

The strongest that any spirits can be is about 190 proof. That’s about 95% alcohol. At higher proof, the alcohol draws moisture from the air and self-dilutes.

Jones, S.  Cooking with the Christian Brothers Brandy.

Kahlúa. Kahlúa [Food] Recipe Book.

Laabs, S. and Field, S. Never Cook Sober Cookbook. 100 (Fool) Proof Recipes.

Laird, L. AppleJack Cookbook.

La Maison Delan. Chambord: Special Cocktail and Cooking Recipes.

Leroux. The Cordial Touch.

Long, C. and Kibbey, H. Cooking with Liqueurs.

Maker’s Mark Cooking Recipes. (Website) Excellent source of online liquor recipes.

                      Didn’t learn this in school!

George Washington was his country’s first large distiller.

Mandarine. Mandarine Napoléon for all Seasons. Drinks, Cocktails & Recipes.

Middleton, Q. Collection of Luscious Desserts Prepared with Liquors & Liqueurs.

Neuman, R. Cooking with Spirits.

Peters, D. Cooking with Beer, Wine, Liquor and Liqueurs.

Purvis, K. Bourbon: A Savor the South Cookbook.

Rose, J. The Vodka Cookbook.

Ross, J. Liqueured Fruit.

Sazarac Co. Grander Recipes for Food and Drink.

Seelig, D. and Liles, J. Beyond the Glass: Bourbon Recipes.

                                     Nor did you learn this in school!

Abraham Lincoln sold liquor before he became president. His 1833 liquor store license is at the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History.

Schmid, A. The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook.

cooking with liquorStaten, V. Jack Daniel’s Old Time Barbecue Cookbook.

Toliver, S. 10 Ways to Use Alize Liqueur (Cooking Recipe Book).

Tolley, L. and Merrell, M. Jack Daniel’s Cookbook.

Tolley, L. and Nelson, T. Jack Daniel’s Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook.

Van Wyk, M. Cook with Brandy.

Walton, S. and Miller, N. Spirits & Liqueurs in the Kitchen.

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