Alcohol-Related Crashes and Traffic Enforcement.

What’s the impact of traffic enforcement on alcohol-related crashes? And especially on deaths? Does impaired driving enforcement reduce such deaths? Any link between crashes and traffic enforcement is important to know. And to act on. Lives are at stake.

Study: Crashes and Traffic Enforcement

crashes and traffic enforcementResearchers studied data from 29 states and DC over a ten-year period were. They examined them for each year for each state. The number of drivers in fatal crashes with a BAC at least .08 was recorded. So was the number with a BAC of .00. They then calculated a ratio. Also, they calculated driving under the influence (DUI) arrests per capita.

They adjusted for possible confounders. That was to strengthen the findings.

Vehicle miles traveled.
Sex and race.
Drivers aged 21-34.
Family income.

The findings held. DUI arrests per capita predicted the ratio of intoxicated drivers to zero BAC drivers killed crashes.

In short, increased enforcement reduced alcohol-impaired crashes.

The policy implications are clear. Enforcement saves lives. It can also generate revenue. That’s a win-win approach.