Daughters of Temperance & Original Daughters of Temperance

The Daughters of Temperance was formed as a result of the Sons of Temperance. But not as one might suspect. Read on to discover the real reason.

Sons of Temperance

Daughters of Temperance
Susan B. Anthony

As a young woman, Susan B. Anthony joined a temperance society. It was the Daughters Union. That was an auxiliary of the Sons of Temperance. 

In 1852, Ms. Anthony represented her Union at a meeting of the Sons of Temperance. They had invited the Daughters Unions to send delegates. But when she rose to speak, they told her they hadn’t invited her there to speak. Instead, they said she was there to listen and learn.

Daughters of Temperance

Ms. Anthony then left the meeting. And she was followed by several other women. Then they decided to have a meeting on their own. The result was the Daughters of Temperance.

Soon after forming, a conflict arose. As a result, a number of members left the group. As a result, they formed the Original Daughters of Temperance. 

In 1852, some in the Sons of Temperance wanted to admit women. Two years later, the Sons admitted women as visitors. But they could neither vote nor publicly deliberate.

In two more years (1856) a majority of the Sons wanted to admit women as full members. Yet the necessary two-thirds vote failed. Ten years later, the Sons admitted women as full members. As a result, the Daughters of Temperance and the Original Daughters disappeared.

Surprise! The Sons of Temperance was re-established in 2019.


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