Drinking and Marital Satisfaction Generally go Together.

When both husband and wife drink alcohol, they are generally more satisfied with their marriage. In short, drinking and marital satisfaction go together.

Study of Drinking and Marital Satisfaction

drinking and marital satisfactionThe researchers studied a national sample of couples in the US over age age 50. A total of 2,767 couples were in the long-term study. Their marriages were an average of 33 years at baseline. It was their first marriage for about two-thirds of the couples.

For ten years, researchers had face to face interviews with all spouses. The total was 5,534 spouses. The researchers collected detailed facts about drinking. Did the person drink alcohol? If so, exactly how much and how often?

They also collected data on quality of marriage. For example, was their spouse too demanding? Too critical? Irritating? Reliable when they needed help?

Their marital satisfaction was the highest if both spouses drank. It was lower if they both abstained from alcohol. And it was the lowest if only one spouse drank.

Whether the spouse drank was much more important than how much they drank.

The researchers did not recommend that couples begin drinking to improve their marriages. The reason for the findings is not clear. It’s possible that if both partners drink, that they spend more time together. Perhaps drinking improves the quality of their shared time. Of coure, there are many other possible reasons.

But it’s clear that drinking alcohol and marital satisfaction are linked in this national sample.