Dry County Traffic Crashes Related to Alcohol are Higher

A recoved alcoholic explains a simple fact. It’s why dry county traffic crash rates related to alcohol are higher than in wet counties.

Dear Dr. Hanson:

Just a note. Thank you for writing the article noting the effect of dry counties on alcohol related traffic accidents. (Dry Counties Have Higher DWI Fatality Rates.)

dry county alcohol-relatedAs a long-term recovered alcoholic living in an Arkansas dry county, I can readily verify your view. Dry counties should cause MORE alcohol-related traffic accidents.

Of course they do – an alkie HAS TO DRINK. And if that means having to drive a long distance home after drinking in a wet county, so be it. A classic case of back-firing laws.

Believe me, Dr. Hanson. Dry county law has NEVER caused a serious drinker to reduce his consumption of alcohol. On the contrary, he just has to drive farther to drink or stock up on his home supply.

But there’s a religious element involved that can be difficult to argue with. But the facts as you wrote them just might penetrate.

Regards, and most sincere thanks,

N. H.

Dry County Traffic Crash Rates Related to Alcohol


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