False DUI for Medical Conditions, Fasting, or Dieting

Arrests for DWI or DUI should be for those who are driving while impaired. False arrests for DWI or DUI for medical conditions are not acceptable. They can also be fatal. Sober diabetic drivers, those with liver disease, are fasting, or are eating a low carb diet shouldn’t be arrested. Any of these these conditions can cause ketosis. 

Ketosis is when the body begins burning fat rather than glucose (blood sugar). This releases chemicals called ketones, including acetate. But breath devices can falsely report acetate as intoxication.


I.   Diabetes at Great Risk of False DUI for Medical Conditions

II.  Inadequate Police Training

III. Resources

I. Diabetics at Great Risk of False DUI for Medical Conditions

Diabetics are especially at risk for DUI for medical conditions. They need to keep their glucose (blood sugar) levels from becoming too high or too low. Too much glucose little is hyperglycemia. On the other hand, too little is hypoglycemia.


Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening condition that affects people with diabetes. Of course, it includes those whose diabetes is undiagnosed.

DKA results from hyperglycemia. Yet it can lead to hypoglycemia.

DKA is different from ketosis. The former is a result of diabetes in which the body to produce excess acid in the  blood.

DKA Symptoms

The symptoms of DKA include these

    • Confusion 
    • Disorientation 
    • Flushed face 
    • Slurred speech
    • Uncoordination
    • Combative
    • Unable to walk
    • Vomiting
    • Sleepiness
    • Breath smelling something like alcohol.

Obviously, this can cause the arrest of innocent drivers.

Other things can can cause DKA are these.

    • Stress
    • Heart attack.
    • Urinary tract infections.
    • Pneumonia
    • Sepsis
    • Pancreatitis
    • Some meds.
    • Severe dehydration.
    • Misusing illegal drugs, especially cocaine.
    • Fasting and malnutrition in alcoholic.s

More Problems

On the other hand, hypoglycemia, or too little glucose, can also cause problems. They include these.

    • Confusion
    • Trouble concentrating.
    • Irritability
    • Shaking
    • Sweating

Of course, these can also be interpreted with intoxication and lead to false arrest.

Too much insulin is the typical cause of hypoglycemia. Other causes are these.

    • Not enough food. Especially carbs.
    • Too much exercise.
    • Too many other diabetes meds.
    • Illness.
    • Other medical conditions.

II. Inadequate Police Training

Not enough police have been trained about ketosis, DKA, and hypoglycemia. As a result, they can arresting innocent drivers.

Here are examples of inadequate or even lack of such training.




III. Resources: False DUI for Medical Conditions, Fasting, or Dieting

  A. Avoid False Arrest

Police need to know as quickly as possible that you are diabetic and may be having a medical crisis. Having a card in your wallet, a medical alert bracelet, and a medic alert on a lanyard are good ideas.

You may fear having your car window smashed or being pulled out of your vehicle if you’re confused. If so, consider placing the card below in your window. Of course, don’t give your name or other information on the card.

DUI for medical

B. Web Pages

      False Arrests


C. Popular Books

D. Note

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