Favorite Alcoholic Beverages of Presidents and Others

The favorite alcoholic beverages of presidents and others is fascinating subject..

U.S. Presidents

The favorite alcoholic beverages of Presidents  of the U.S. include these.

    • alcoholic beverages of presidentsWhiskey (George Washington)
    • Madiera wine (Thomas Jefferson)
    • Gin and tonic (Gerald Ford)
    • Martini (Herbert Hoover)
    • Champagne (James Madison)
    • Whiskey (Andrew Jackson)
    • Champagne (James K. Polk)
    • Rum and coke; dry martini (Richard Nixon)
    • Scotch or brandy (Franklin Roosevelt)
    • Whiskey (Zachary Taylor)
    • Bourbon (Harry Truman)
    • Hard  cider (William Henry Harrison )
    • Scotch and soda (Lyndon Johnson)
    • Whiskey (Andrew Johnson)
    • alcoholic beverages of presidentsBeer (Barack Obama)
    • Champagne (Ulysse Grant)
    • Wine (James Buchanan)
    • Champagne (James Monroe)
    • Mint juleps (Teddy Roosevelt)
    • Scotch (Woodrow Wilson)
    • Wine (John Quincy Adams)
    • Whiskey (Martin Van Buren)
    • Hard cider (John Adams)
    • alcoholic beverages of presidentsBeer (Grover Cleveland)
    • Scotch (Dwight Eisenhower)
    • Martini (Gerald Ford)
    • Madiera wine (Millard Fillmore)
    • Whiskey (Warren Harding)
    • Beer (Bill Clinton)
    • Champagne ( John Tyler)
    • Beer (James Garfield)
    • Bloody Mary (John Kennedy)
    • Dry martini (Herbert Hoover)
    • Orange blossom cocktail (Ronald Regan)

Also, George Bush and Donald Trump are in the teetotaler camp.

Favorite Alcoholic Beverages of Presidents (and Others)

Did You Know?

When people in the US are away from home, they are more likely to order mixed drinks. Among those who drank in the previous month at restaurants and other public venue:

    • 65% ordered mixed drinks.
    • 57% drank domestic beer.
    • 39% had white wine.
    • 38% selected imported beer.
    • 38% drank red wine.
    • 33% had frozen drinks.
    • 29% chose straight spirits.
    • 18% drank champagne.1

Spectators at Indy car races consume more blush wine than the average person. That’s according to interviews of 200,000 adults in the top 75 US markets. The interviews also found that golfers drink domestic beer 64% more often than imported beer. And that attendees of R&B, rap or hip-hop concerts are 94% more likely than the average person to drink champagne.2

In Europe and North America, lower-status people tend to prefer beer. On the other hand, upper-status people tend to prefer wine and distilled spirits. In Latin American and Africa, lower class people tend to drink homebrew. Middle class people tend to drink bottled beer. And upper class people tend to prefer spirits.3

Vodka has been the largest selling distilled spirit in the US for decades. Also, one of every four alcohol drinks consumed in the world is vodka or vodka-based.4 The most popular gift in Eastern Europe is a bottle of vodka.5

Churchill and Hitler

Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s favorite drink was whiskey. His adversary, dictator Adolf Hitler, was a teetotaler.7

Two of the most famous and  prohibition agents of the 1920s were Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith. After a hard day arresting bootleggers they enjoyed their favorite beverages. They were beer and cocktails!8

Shochu is a beverage distilled from barley. It was the favorite beverage of the world’s longest-living man. He was Shigechiyo Izumi of Japan. Izumi lived for 120 years and 237 days. Born on June 29, 1865, he died on Feb 21, 1986.9

Drinking in moderation is linked with better health and longer life. That’s compared to either abstaining or abusing alcohol. But it doesn’t matter which alcohol beverage is a person’s favorite. Beer, wine, or spirits all provide the same overall health benefits.

So salud, skoal, a votre sante’, prost, or l’chayim. In English, “to your health.” But all in moderation! 10

Favorite Alcoholic Beverages of Presidents and Others

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