BAC and Traffic Crash Injury Severity

To determine if blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is associated with the severity of injury to victimes of motor vehicle crashes, a retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted of 2,323 such victims.

There was no association between BAC levels in length of hospital stay or in mortality. However, those who had high BACs tended to have lower overall injury severity, a lower rate of severe head injury, a lower rate of chest injury, and a lower rate of serious injury to extremities.

The researchers concluded that higher BAC was associated with less severe injuries, without impacting length of hospitalization or mortality.

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  • Mann, B., Desapriya, E., Fujiwara, T., and Pike, I. Is blood alcohol level a good predictor for injury severity outcomes in motor vehicle crash victims? Emergency Medicine International, 2011; 2011 (ePub): 616323. DOI: 10.1155/2011/616323. PMID: 2204641.

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