Increased Availability of Alcohol Not Associated with an Increase in Violent Behaviors

Restrictions on the times during which licensed premises could sell alcohol were eliminated by England and Wales in 2005.

To study the possible immediate and long-term effects of increasing the availability of alcohol on violent behavior in Manchester (a city of 464,200 people), all police records of violence, robbery, and total crimes reported between February 1 of 2004 and December 31 of 2007 were collected and analyzed by means of an interrupted time series design. Crimes were aggregated by week, yielding 95 pre-intervention and 109 post-intervention observations.

The study found no evidence that increasing the temporal availability of alcohol at licensed premises had any effect on the incidence of violence.


  • Humphreys, D.K., et al. Evaluating the impact of flexible alcohol trading hours on violence: an interrupted time series analysis, PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(2), e55581. PMID: 23457474. DOI: 1.1371/journal.pone.0055581.

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