You Have Power Over Alcohol

Nation-wide research conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has demonstrated that alcoholics have great power over alcoholism. It found that 75% of persons diagnosed as alcohol dependent (the newer term for alcoholic) are now abstaining, drinking in moderation, or have reduced their consumption. These were all confirmed alcoholics and very few of them obtained any outside help in changing their alcohol behaviors.

The success of AA (only about one of every 20 members is sober after one year) is substantially lower than that of not attending AA, as the research by the NIAAA and many others around the world have found. That is, attending AA is worse than not and inhibits the ability of most people to overcome alcohol abuse. One reasons may be that AA teaches people that they are powerless over alcohol, suffer from an incurable disease, must surrender to the will of God or a Higher Power, that they suffer from “lack of control,” and that they can never drink any alcohol for the rest of their lives.

The scientific evidence is inconsistent with the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step groups, it has been growing for decades, and it should not be ignored by anyone seeking help for their drinking problem.

There are many effective alternatives to AA. They include the HAMS alcohol program, which is free, and the Life Process Program, which is affordable. Other respected options include SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training), Women for Sobriety, Rational Recovery, and Moderation Management.

These programs use evidence-based methods and scientific principles from cutting-edge advances in neuroscience and brain plasticity to enhance their effectiveness. People are able to use the programs to achieve the goal of their choice - moderation or abstinence.

Many people choose these programs to avoid the travel, long disruption of their lives, lack of privacy, and great expense of rehabs and retreats. They complete the program of their choice at their own pace and in the secure comfort of their own home.

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