Gideon T. Stewart: Biography (Gideon Tabor Stewart)

Gideon T. Stewart
Gideon T. Stewart

Lawyer and newspaper owner-editor Gideon T. Stewart was highly active in promoting prohibition. He came from a long line of lawyers. Born in Johnstown, NY in 1824, he later moved to Norwalk, Ohio. There and elsewhere he studied law in different firms. In 1846 he was admitted to the Ohio bar. In 1866 he was admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.


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Gideon Stewart was elected three times as head of the Good Templars of Ohio. This was a well-known temperance group. He tried throughout the 1850s to organize a prohibition party.

In 1869. Stewart was a delegates to the convention that formed the nation-wide Prohibition Party. He later served the Party repeatedly. Three times he was the Party’s candidate for governor of Ohio. Seven times he ran as its candidate for judge on the Ohio Supreme Court. Once he ran for circuit court judge. Once for Congress. Finally, in 1876, he ran for vice-president of the U.S. The ticket won 9,522 votes.

Gideon Stewart’s authored many works. They include these.

  • The Prohibition Party and Its Mission. NY: Living Issue, 1871.
    The Ballot Test of Temperance.  NY: Nat Temp Soc, 1882 & 1884.
  • Christianity against the Liquor Crime. NY: Nat Temp Soc, 1884.
  • Liberty and Union, and The Conflict of Liberty.  NY: Nat Temp Soc, 1885.
  • Broken Reeds.NY: n.p., 1875
  • Moral Suasion…. NY: Nat Temp Soc, 1881 & 1886.
  • The Prohibition Party against the Rum Power‘¦.NY: n.p., 1904.

Gideon T. Stewart died in 1909. He spent most of his life promoting temperance. His work did much to advance the national Prohibition Party. That, in turn supported the the cause for which he labored. But he died over a decade before National Prohibition became the law of the land.


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