Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption (Very Useful!)

The book is Clear Thinking When Drinking. The Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption. It’s a practical, no-nonsense, user-friendly guide. It’s how to drinking in moderation.

People in our society are constantly bombarded with conflicting beliefs about alcohol.

    • Alcohol is a poison.
      It’s the key to good health.
    • Alcohol ensnares its victims.
      It’s a harmless social lubricant.
    • Alcohol leads to unhappiness.
      It’s essential to the good life.
    • Alcohol destroys brain cells.
      It prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
    • One drink is the first step toward alcoholism.
      Alcoholics aren’t made but are born.

Science-based Handbook

responsible alcohol consumption
Responsible alcohol consumption

What can people believe? This non-technical but science-based book cuts through the dogma and prejudices. It reveals what everyone needs to know about the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Because of its readability and interesting writing style, this book is an excellent choice to give teenagers. It doesn’t “talk down” to readers and it isn‘t preachy in the slightest. Some of the information it provides, such as the biphasic curve, is very important.  Every person who chooses to drink should know about it. Yet it’s virtually unknown to the public.

The author, Roman  Solohub, has done public service in writing this potentially life saving handbook. But it’s affordable.

Handbook for Responsible Alcohol Consumption

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