Hosting Office Parties: Helpful Tips for Safety and Success

Hosting office parties can be a mine field of potential problems. These can be social, professional, or legal. So it’s wise to plan office parties very carefully. Here are few tips to help avoid problems and have a successful office party.


  1. hosting office partiesBe very clear. Be clear about the workplace alcohol policy. It should address the use of alcohol in any work-related situation.
  2. Make the policy known. Make sure everyone knows the policy.
  3. Reinvent the office party. Consider trying something new. Perhaps an indoor carnival. Or  a group outing to an amusement park. Perhaps volunteer activity with a local charity.
  4. Make sure everyone know when to say when. If you serve alcohol, make sure everyone knows that they are expected to act responsibly.
  5. Provide options for non-drinkers. Make sure to have plenty of attractive non-alcoholic drinks. See Non-Alcoholic Drink Recipes for Great Drinks.
  6. Eat…and be merry! Avoid serving lots of salty, greasy or sweet foods. These tend to make people thirsty. Instead, serve foods rich in starch and protein. These slow the absorption of alcohol.
  7. Designate party managers. Remind managers that they may need to enforce the policy.
  8. Arrange transport. Anticipate the need for alternative transport. Prepare in advance of the party. Encourage everyone to use the alternatives if they need to.
  9. Serve none for the road. Stop serving alcohol well before the party ends.

These tips for hosting office parties are adapted from some given by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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    • If alcoholic beverages are served, be aware of all laws about their use. And closely follow them. Consider getting legal help. These tips are not advice.