Impact of Non-medical Cannabis Legalization on Substance Use

What was the impact of non-medical cannabis legalization on the use of other substances? Particularly among young adults?

The Study

impact of non-medical cannabisResearchers focused on alcohol consumption, cigarette use, e-cigarette use, pain medication misuse, and heavy episodic drinking (HED).

To do so, they used data from six annual surveys of a state-wide sample from six years. It was in the state of Washington. The sample was 12,694 young adults aged 21-25. 

The study found legalizing cannabis was linked to reduced last month use of each of the of the following.

    • Alcohol consumption.
    • Cigarette use.
    • Pain medication misuse.
    • HED.

impact of non-medical cannabisOn the other hand, past month use e-cigarette use increased. 

There were concerns about a spillover after non-medical cannabis use was legal. But only e-cigarette use increased.

The study found this each year. It also found it within age groups (18-20 and 21-25).

Impact of Non-medical Cannabis Legalization

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