International Blue Cross is a Major Temperance Organization

The International Blue Cross is legally the International Federation of the the Blue Cross (IFBC). Its members are 41 national interdenominational Christian groups. The International Blue Cross serves as an umbrella. Its mission focuses on reducing alcohol consumption and illicit drug use.

The Blue Cross was formed in Bern, Switzerland, in 1886. That was during a strong and growing temperance movement. The Federation’s mission reflects its temperance origins. It calls for much higher taxes on alcoholic beverages. The Blue Cross works to achieve maximum alcohol prices. It favors preventing alcohol beverage marketing. The federation strives to reduce the availability of alcohol to everyone. The Blue Cross might be described as neo-prohibitionist.


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National Groups Comprising the International Blue Cross.

    1. Angola.
    2. Austria (Blue Cross in Austria).
    3. Benin.
    4. Botswana.
    5. Brazil (Cruz Azul do Brasil).
    6. Burkina Faso.
    7. Cameroon.
    8. Chad.
    9. Chile.
    10. Czech Republic (Blue Cross Czech Republic).
    11. Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    12. Denmark.
    13. Faroe Islands.
    14. Finland (Sininauhaliitto).
    15. France.
    16. Germany (Blaues Kreuz in Deutschland e.V.)
    17. Ghana.
    18. Hungary.
    19. India.
    20. Ivory Coast.
    21. Kenya.
    22. Latvia.
    23. Lesotho.
    24. Madagascar.
    25. Mozambique.
    26. Namibia.
    27. Nigeria.
    28. Norway.
    29. Paraguay.
    30. Poland (Blekitny Krzyz w Polsce).
    31. Portugal (Cruz Azul de Portugal).
    32. Republic of the Congo.
    33. Romania.
    34. Russian Federation.
    35. Serbia.
    36. South Africa.
    37. Sweden.
    38. Switzerland.
    39. Tanzania.
    40. Togo.
    41. Ukraine.

international blue cross

Some countries (listed below) have national Blue Cross youth groups. These are considered members of the International Blue Cross. Together, the Blue Cross youth associations have a representative on the 11-member board of the Federation.

    1. Germany.
    2. Norway.
    3. Sweden.
    4. Switzerland.

The International Blue Cross also partners with diverse groups. This promotes information sharing, coordination of activities, mutual learning, and joint political advocacy.


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