Intoxication and Distraction are Dangerous for Driving

Both intoxication and distraction are dangerous for driving driving. Either can cause a fatal traffic crash. Combining the two further increases the risk of crashes, according to research.

intoxication and distraction are dangerousStudy subjects used a driving simulator. Their primary goal was to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them. Their secondary goal was to keep a stable lane position. All subjects engaged in distractions and half consumed alcohol to a BAC of 0.08).

Researchers then compared sober driving while distracted to driving intoxicated without distraction. Distraction produced more serious changes in driving behavior than did intoxication for both primary and secondary driving goals. However, impairment was increased when participants were both intoxicated and distracted.

intoxication and distraction are dangerousThis research is consistent with earlier findings of others. That is, cell phone use is highly distracting. It makes such phone users even more dangerous than intoxicated drivers at the .08 to .10 BAC levels.

The take home messageis simple. Don’t drive while intoxicated and don’t drive while using a cell phone (even a hands-free model). And don’t even think of doing both simultaneously.

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