Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality among Women

Lifestyle and cardiovascular disease (CVD) is important to post-menopausal women. Following menopause, CVD and resulting death increase greatly.


I.   The Disease

II.  Lifestyle

III. The Study

                                 IV. Resources

I. The Disease

CVD involves diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It includes heart attack, heart failure, arrhythmia, valve problems and stroke.

It is the number cause of death for both men and women. CVD causes more deaths than cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and accidents combined.

We can’t control our birth gender, age, or race. These and many other things influence our risk of developing or dying from CVD. But lifestyle and CVD are linked. And we can control lifestyle factors.

II. Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease

What lifestyle factors lower risk factors for CVD and death in women after menopause? The major ones are these.

    • Not smoking.
    • Being physically active.
    • Keeping proper weight.
    • Drinking in moderation.

We have control over all these things. Thus, we can all have better health and longer lives.

III. The Study

To learn more, researchers made a careful review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. They analyzed 59 studies that involved 5,358,902 women.

lifestyle and cardiovascularNot smoking was the single most important way to reduce the risk of CVD, CVD death, and all-cause death.

Keeping proper weight (body mass index or BMI) was also important in reducing those risks. Drinking alcohol in moderation greatly reduced risk as did being physically active.1

Beer, wine and spirits (liquor) have the same general health benefits.

These findings from over five million post-menopausal women are consistent with research on other groups.

IV. Resources: Lifestyle and Cardiovascular Disease.  

CVD = cardiovascular disease

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    1. Colpani, V. et al. Lifestyle factors and cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in middle-aged and elderly women. Euro J Epidem.